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The Ideal Place for your Business: Dubai Free Zone Benefits

The Ideal Place for your Business: Dubai Free Zone Benefits

Dubai has become one of the most preferred business hubs globally, ideal for company establishment. The city has alluring business opportunities with increasing engrossment of foreign investors. This has prompted the Dubai Government to designate several Dubai Free Zones, an exceptional economic zone where global investors can start businesses. Let’s dig deep into Dubai free zone benefits.

What are Dubai Free Zone Benefits?

Dubai Free Zone is the ideal place for every entrepreneur to start running a company. Besides financial benefits and strategic marketing, foreign entrepreneurs enjoy modern infrastructure, excellent connectivity, world-class amenities, and business services. Outlined are some of the other reasons why one needs to start operations in the Dubai Free Zone:

  • 100% foreign company ownership 
  • No currency restrictions.
  • Employees, directors, and shareholders can acquire UAE residency visas.
  • Flexibility in establishing a new business, subsidiary, or branch.
  • Unlimited networking opportunities with businesses from various sectors and countries.
  • Enjoy working and living in a vibrant and lucrative community.

Steps on How to Start A Business in Dubai Free Zone

Most of the Dubai Free Zones are sector-specific. Therefore, the type of activities one intends to carry out dictates the choice of a Free Zone. Nevertheless, there are numerous Free Zones, and you can be sure to secure one that aligns with your business activities. Below is a guide for you to get started:


  1. Select a business activity: In setting up your business, you must decide on the activity you intend to run. This is because it determines the license type.

    There are specific requirements for the type of activities allowed in certain licenses. Our team can offer you a complete list and help you develop a list of activities that matches your goals.

  2.  Select a Free Zone: There are a variety of Free Zones in Dubai, and before choosing a specific one, entrepreneurs must make some considerations. There are many factors to consider, ranging from nearness to ports, type of activities, and industry, among others. 

    The process should not be discouraging as you can seek our professional help and we shall lead you where your business will benefit and thrive the most.

  3. Select the business name: Coming up with a company name can be difficult as there are many factors to consider. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the entity name chosen must adhere to specific standards.

    This process is simplified when you consult with our Company Formation Specialists. They will be happy to help you through the name selection and registration guidelines.

  4. Obtain your trade license: Choose UAE can help you acquire your trade license, just submit the basic requirements like passport copies of ownerspassport-sized photos, and NOC from sponsor if applicable–  then we make everything ready for your business to commence. Get a trade license and start operating your business in a week. 

    If you have been searching for a place to establish your business, then Dubai Free Zone is your best option and it costs only AED 12,500. Its attractive business setup and unlimited benefits enjoyed by the established companies are what makes it the best choice for foreign entrepreneurs in Dubai. Get a free consultation with our Dubai Company Formation Specialists today.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE can give the support you need at every step to forming your company in Dubai Free Zone. Our customizable solutions for your business setup are not only based on our industry knowledge that expands everyday but also aimed according to the goals you want to achieve as an entrepreneur. 

Our dedicated team of Company Formation Specialists, Marketing Professionals, Accounting Specialists, and Government Relations Officers are always ready to help entrepreneurs like you from starting your business all the way to running it. Get a trade license in Dubai Free Zone today

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