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The Launch of the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses

dubai centre family businesses

Demonstrating its unwavering commitment to business innovation and entrepreneurship, Dubai has turned its attention to the backbone of its economy – family businesses. The city’s recent unveiling of the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses, the first initiative of its kind in the region, attests to the city’s recognition of the significant role these businesses play in economic development. As part of the city’s strategic push to stimulate private sector growth, a sector contributing a remarkable AED 272bn to the economy, the centre aims to offer a comprehensive suite of services. These services include legal and financial consultancy, succession planning, and training and development programs, tailored to support the unique needs of family businesses.

Launch of the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses

The launch of the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses is in line with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, which envisions a future where the private sector plays an even more crucial role in the city’s development. As such, the centre will play a vital part in achieving this vision by nurturing and strengthening family businesses, which constitute the backbone of Dubai’s private sector.

The centre’s services will empower family businesses to overcome the unique challenges they face, such as succession planning and governance. By providing advice and guidance in these areas, the centre will help ensure the continuity of these businesses across generations, contributing to long-term economic stability.

Furthermore, the centre has its sights set on amplifying the competitiveness of family businesses. By offering extensive training and development programs, the centre is poised to arm business owners and successors with the knowledge and capabilities required to adapt and prosper in a dynamic business environment. This strategic approach will not only ensure family businesses remain competitive but also foster innovation within these enterprises.

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The launch of the Dubai Centre for Family Businesses is excellent news for the city’s economy and the long-term success of family-owned enterprises. This initiative showcases Dubai’s commitment to supporting and empowering these businesses by providing tailored services and resources. As a trusted partner, Choose UAE can assist family businesses in navigating the services offered by the centre, providing personalized guidance and expertise. Choose UAE is your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of the family sponsorship process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to guiding you through every step of this journey. From meticulously gathering the required documents to facilitating visa applications and ensuring strict adherence to all legal prerequisites, we’ve got you covered. By collaborating with Choose UAE, you can confidently anticipate reuniting with your loved ones in Dubai, while we handle the complexities. Allow us to pave the way for a successful future together by taking care of the details. Contact Choose UAE today and embark on this journey toward family togetherness with utmost assurance.



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