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Trade License Price in Dubai UAE

trade license price in dubai

Establishing a business in Dubai, a global commercial hub, is a highly lucrative venture. As part of this process, procuring a trade license is an obligatory step that legally permits you to conduct business activities within the city. However, understanding the cost of a trade license, especially within the different jurisdictions of Dubai Mainland and Free Zones, can be complex. In this blog post, we delve into trade license price in Dubai and how Choose UAE can facilitate this crucial aspect of your business setup journey.

Trade License Price in Dubai UAE: Mainland & Free Zone

A trade license is a formal permit issued by Dubai’s governing authorities, allowing individuals or companies to conduct specific business activities. In Dubai, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for trade license issuance. It’s noteworthy to mention that the license costs can significantly vary based on the business setup’s jurisdiction, either in the Mainland or within the Free Zones.

Mainland Trade License: An Expanded View

Operating in Dubai’s mainland allows businesses to freely trade within the expansive UAE market. The base price for a Dubai mainland trade license commences from 14,500 AED. However, certain variables can influence this initial price:

Business Activity: The cost of a trade license in Dubai can vary greatly depending on the nature of the business activity you plan to undertake. This is because certain activities necessitate acquiring specific approvals and permits from different government departments, each with its own set of charges. For instance, setting up a restaurant might require approvals from the Food Safety Department, which will come with its own fee. These additional fees should be taken into account when calculating the overall cost of obtaining your trade license.

Business Structure: The structure or form of your business entity also plays a significant role in determining the trade license cost. Each type of business structure, whether it’s a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a sole proprietorship, or a partnership, has its own set of license fees. For example, an LLC in Dubai might have a different fee structure compared to a sole proprietorship or a partnership.

Physical Presence: For a business to operate within Dubai’s mainland, the leasing or renting of a physical office space is mandatory. The cost of this rental will impact the overall expenditure of the trade license. Office rentals in Dubai can range widely depending on location, size, and the amenities offered, so it’s essential to factor in these costs when budgeting for your trade license.

Visa Requirements: The number of visas you need for your employees also influences the trade license cost. Every visa comes with its own set of charges, including processing fees, medical test fees, and emirates ID fees. If you plan on having a sizable team, these visa costs can add up significantly and should be considered as part of your total budget.

Free Zone Trade License: A Detailed Insight

Dubai’s free zones offer an array of benefits, including tax exemptions and customs advantages, thereby attracting foreign businesses. For a Dubai free zone trade license, prices initiate from approximately 12,500 AED. However, like the mainland, several influencing factors can cause cost variations:

Office Requirements: The majority of free zones in Dubai require businesses to lease a physical office within their precincts. The size, location, and type of facility you choose can significantly impact the overall cost of your trade license. For instance, a flexi-desk arrangement (a shared workspace solution) may cost less than leasing a dedicated office space.

Visa Necessities: Similar to the mainland, the cost associated with the number of visas required for your employees can affect the total cost of the trade license in a free zone. Each visa application comes with its processing fee, and if your company plans on having a substantial workforce, these costs should be factored into your overall budgeting.



Invest in Dubai

Understanding the nuances of trade license costs in Dubai can be a daunting task. Choose UAE, with its expert consultants and in-depth knowledge of the business landscape, can offer valuable assistance to simplify this process for you.

At Choose UAE, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s guiding you through the selection of the most suitable business jurisdiction, helping with the identification of the right license based on your business activities, or providing assistance in preparing and submitting necessary documents, our team ensures a seamless process.

Our services also extend beyond the initial setup. We offer post-setup support like visa services, bank account setup, and more, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

Choose UAE serves as your trusted partner throughout your business setup journey in Dubai. So, whether you’re a startup enthusiast, a small business owner seeking expansion, or a multinational company aiming for a regional base, Choose UAE can guide you efficiently through your trade license procurement. Contact us today, and embark on your prosperous business voyage in Dubai.

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