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Type of Licenses in Dubai: Which Type Suits You Best

type of licenses in dubai

Dubai, a global business magnet, boasts a flexible regulatory framework that caters to a myriad of business activities. Each license is designed to suit the specific needs of various sectors. Choose UAE delves deeper into the different type of license in Dubai, their relevance, and the activities they cover:

Type of Licenses in Dubai: Which Type Suits You Best

Commercial License 

A staple for traders and retail entrepreneurs, this license facilitates the buying and selling of goods.

Business activities include: General trading, auto accessories trading, computer trading, and more.

Media License 

For entities set to shape public opinion, this license covers the vast world of media and its facets.

Business activities include: Print media, digital media, radio and television broadcasting, film production, etc.

Warehouse License 

Essential for businesses emphasizing storage and distribution, ensuring smooth logistical operations.

Business activities include: Storage solutions, cold storage, cargo handling, logistics services, etc.

Consultancy/Service License

Tailored for professionals offering expert advice across various sectors, encapsulating the knowledge industry.

Business activities include: Business consultancy, legal consultancy, financial consultancy, marketing consultancy, etc.

E-commerce License

The digital era’s answer to the retail world, catering to businesses operating primarily online.

Business activities include: Online retail, digital marketing services, e-wallet services, online auctions, etc.



Innovation License

For pioneers pushing the boundaries of technology and modern solutions, fostering a culture of innovation.

Business activities include: Tech solutions, software development, R&D services, innovative product creation, etc.

Industrial License

Perfect for businesses involved in the production or manufacturing processes, transforming raw materials into finished goods.

Business activities include: Metal fabrication, food processing, textile manufacturing, etc.

Offshore Companies License

Designed for businesses eyeing global operations while enjoying the benefits of UAE registration.

Business activities include: International trading, investment holding, shipping, etc.

Manufacturing License

Catering to entities that aim to produce on a large scale, turning concepts into tangible products.

Business activities include: Food production, machinery manufacturing, textile production, etc.

Educational License

A requisite for institutions aiming to enlighten minds, from academic institutions to specialized training centers.

Business activities include: Primary education, secondary education, vocational training, language centers, etc.

Freelancer License

An answer to the modern gig economy, allowing individual professionals to offer their specialized services.

Business activities include: Graphic design, content writing, consultancy, photography, etc.


Dubai’s evolving business landscape occasionally introduces new licenses, ensuring it remains at the forefront of global business innovation.

Embarking on a business journey in Dubai requires careful consideration of the licensing options. Understanding the nuances of each license ensures that entrepreneurs and businesses align their operations with Dubai’s regulations and opportunities.

Acquiring a Business License in Dubai

Dubai, an epicenter of global business, offers entrepreneurs a seamless environment to start and grow their ventures. Whether you’re eyeing the Free Zones or the Mainland, understanding the licensing process is pivotal. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

1. Licensing in Dubai Free Zone:

Step 1: Choose a specific Free Zone based on your business activity and requirements.
Step 2: Decide on a legal entity type (FZE, FZC, or Branch).
Step 3: Select a trade name and check its availability.
Step 4: Submit the application along with the necessary documents.
Step 5: Once approved, pay the required fees.
Step 6: Receive your Free Zone license and start your business operations.

2. Licensing in Dubai Mainland:

Step 1: Decide on a legal entity type (Sole Proprietorship, LLC, etc.).
Step 2: Select a local sponsor or service agent for your business.
Step 3: Choose a trade name and ensure its availability.
Step 4: Obtain initial approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
Step 5: Lease a physical office space.
Step 6: Submit the application along with necessary documents and pay the fees.
Step 7: Upon approval, collect your business license from the DED.

The Power of Choose UAE’s Cost Calculator

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How Can We Help

In Dubai’s intricate business licensing landscape, Choose UAE is your trusted ally. We guide you to the ideal license type, handle documentation, and liaise with authorities, simplifying the process. Our support continues post-licensing, assisting with essential tasks like corporate banking. With Choose UAE, your business journey is seamless and compliant.

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