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Types of Business Licenses in Dubai

types of business licenses in dubai

In the vibrant business ecosystem of Dubai, setting a firm foundation for your business begins with selecting the right business license. A business license not only validates the legality of your business but also dictates the kind of activities you can undertake. Dubai offers a wide array of business licenses to cater to the diverse range of business activities happening in the city. In this blog, we delve deeper into understanding the different types of business licenses available in Dubai, helping you make an informed decision for your entrepreneurial journey.

Types of Business Licenses in Dubai

Commercial License

Predominantly catering to trading activities, the commercial license is the most sought-after business license in Dubai. Whether you intend to embark on wholesale or retail trade, this license covers a plethora of business operations including real estate, logistics, and more. One of the significant aspects of holding a commercial license is that it opens doors to a multitude of markets, both locally and globally. Here are the top 10 activities under the commercial license:

  1. Wholesale Trade
  2. Retail Trade of Electronics
  3. Import & Export of Goods
  4. Real Estate Brokerage
  5. Logistics & Warehousing
  6. Automobile Trading
  7. E-commerce Trading
  8. Textile Trading
  9. Food & Beverage Trading
  10. Luxury Goods Trading
Industrial License

If manufacturing is your forte, the industrial license is your go-to option. This license type governs the businesses involved in manufacturing, processing, or packaging of goods. By holding an industrial license, companies guarantee adherence to the strict quality and safety standards set by the Dubai government, fostering a responsible and sustainable business environment. Here are the top 10 activities under the industrial license:

  1. Food Product Manufacturing
  2. Textile Manufacturing
  3. Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing
  4. Chemical Product Manufacturing
  5. Plastics Production
  6. Metal Fabrication
  7. Furniture Manufacturing
  8. Apparel & Garments Manufacturing
  9. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  10. Paper Product Manufacturing
Professional License

For individuals and entities offering specific professional services, a professional license is essential. Under this license type, businesses can offer services ranging from consultancy to craftsmanship. It stands as a testimony to the expertise and proficiency of service providers, establishing trust and credibility in the market. Here are the top 10 activities under the professional license:

  1. Management Consultancy
  2. Legal Consultancy
  3. Architectural & Engineering Consultancy
  4. IT Consultancy
  5. Educational Consultancy
  6. Healthcare Consultancy
  7. Marketing & Branding Services
  8. Financial Consultancy
  9. Design & Creative Services
  10. Real Estate Consultancy
Tourism License

In a city that thrives on tourism, holding a tourism license can be your gateway to a rewarding business venture. This license type accommodates travel agencies, tour operators, and hospitality service providers, offering a structured pathway to be part of Dubai’s booming tourism sector. Here are the top 10 activities under the tourism license:

  1. Travel Agency Operations
  2. Tour Operator Services
  3. Hotel Operations
  4. Adventure Tourism Services
  5. Event & Conference Management
  6. Cruise Services
  7. Cultural Tourism Services
  8. Medical Tourism Services
  9. Sports Tourism Services
  10. Eco-Tourism Activities
Agriculture License

Dubai’s commitment to fostering a sustainable environment is echoed in the availability of an agriculture license. This license category governs businesses engaged in agriculture-related activities, promoting sustainable practices and adherence to environmental norms set by the authorities. Here are the top 10 activities under the agriculture license:

  1. Crop Farming
  2. Livestock Rearing
  3. Organic Farming
  4. Aquaculture & Fisheries
  5. Agricultural Product Wholesale
  6. Agricultural Machinery Trading
  7. Landscape Services
  8. Pesticide & Fertilizer Trading
  9. Seed & Sapling Trading
  10. Agricultural Consultancy



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