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Types of Trade License in Dubai

types of trade license in dubai

Dubai, renowned for its dynamic business ecosystem, offers a diverse range of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. However, to navigate this bustling marketplace effectively, one must first understand the various types of trade license in Dubai. This article by Choose UE delves into the intricacies of each license, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to make the right choice for your business venture.

Types of Trade License in Dubai

1. Commercial Trade License

A commercial trade license is your ticket to legally running a business that engages in buying and selling goods or any form of commercial services in Dubai. Apart from giving your business a legal standing, it also paves the way for forging reliable and fruitful connections with other businesses in the industry. Here are five popular activities you can undertake with a commercial trade license:

  • Retail stores: Setting up shops that sell goods directly to consumers.
  • Real estate agencies: Assisting individuals in buying, selling, or renting properties.
  • Logistics firms: Managing the transportation and storage of goods.
  • Car rental services: Offering vehicles on rent for short or long periods.
  • Trading enterprises: Engaging in the wholesale trade of various products.
2. Industrial Trade License

For businesses that revolve around manufacturing or any form of industrial activities, securing an industrial trade license is the key. This license manifests as a requisite tool for enterprises delving into production, manufacturing, or any other industrial ventures. By obtaining an industrial trade license, you anchor your business in a framework that prioritizes compliance with the established standards, ensuring the sustenance and growth of a healthy industrial environment in Dubai:

  • Food production: Manufacturing packaged foods or beverages.
  • Textile manufacturing: Producing fabrics or garments.
  • Metal fabrication: Building metal structures from raw materials.
  • Furniture manufacturing: Creating furniture pieces from various materials.
  • Chemical production: Engaging in the production of chemical products.
3. Professional Trade License

This license is a boon for service providers, craftsmen, and professionals aiming to carve a niche in the Dubai market by offering their expertise. Securing a professional trade license ensures that you can operate with credibility and foster trust among your clientele. Popular activities under this license include:

  • Consultancy services: Offering expert advice in various fields.
  • Healthcare services: Providing health and medical services.
  • Educational services: Offering educational assistance or training programs.
  • Marketing agencies: Crafting marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • Interior designing services: Planning and designing interior spaces.



4. Tourism Trade License

A tourism trade license is your passport to tap into the thriving tourism sector of Dubai, known for its global appeal and vibrant opportunities. Being licensed in this sector stands as a guarantee of service quality, enhancing your business’s credibility. Activities to consider are:

  • Travel agencies: Planning and selling travel packages.
  • Hotel services: Operating hotels or similar accommodation services.
  • Event management: Organizing events and tours for tourists.
  • Adventure tourism services: Offering guided tours for adventure seekers.
  • Car rental services for tourists: Providing rental cars specially tailored for tourists.

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