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UAE Company Registration: Cost Comparison Guide

uae company registration

Navigating the entrepreneurial waters of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a dream for many business enthusiasts. With its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and investor-friendly climate, it’s no wonder why. However, one key question every budding entrepreneur has is: How much does a UAE company registration cost? In this guide, Choose UAE aims to provide a clear breakdown of the costs involved in company registration across various jurisdictions in the UAE.

UAE Company Registration Cost

1. UAE Free Zone: 

For digital ventures, the UAE Free Zone presents a competitive rate starting from 5,750 AED. It’s specifically tailored for digital-centric operations. For those desiring an expanded scope of activities, an enhanced package is available at 6,500 AED, covering additional business sectors.

2. Dubai Free Zone:

For aspirants specifically drawn to Dubai’s allure, the Dubai Free Zone presents an entry package at a price of 12,500 AED. Mirroring the 6,500 AED option from the UAE Free Zone, this package promises a broad spectrum of business activities. The strategic location of the Free Zone also provides easy access to global markets.

3. Dubai Mainland: 

For businesses keen on immersing themselves in the heart of Dubai, the mainland offers a compelling package starting at 14,900 AED. Comprehensive in nature, it’s ideal for businesses with ambitions of deep-rooted Emirati market involvement. Additionally, being on the mainland offers unparalleled connectivity to local markets.



How Can Choose UAE Help

In the dynamic landscape of UAE business, Choose UAE stands as your trusted partner, ready to guide you through the intricacies of company formation in this thriving region. With an in-depth understanding of UAE’s jurisdictions, licensing intricacies, and documentation requirements, we provide tailored solutions for your unique business needs. Our expertise ensures a seamless documentation process, helping you navigate the banking landscape effortlessly. As the ownership paradigm evolves and the digital leap accelerates, we offer the knowledge and support to ensure your business thrives. Beyond setup, our commitment extends to ongoing guidance, assisting you in annual renewals, visa processes, and staying compliant with ever-changing regulations. Choose UAE is your pathway to a successful and thriving business venture in the UAE.

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