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UAE Visa for Property Owners

UAE Visa For Property Owners Min

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an amusing destination for prospective global entrepreneurs. It offers investors flexible visa rules, promising rental yields, and world-class infrastructure. 

UAE visa for property owners has had implementations in various policy initiatives, and these policies follow specific guidelines to enhance direct foreign investments and property owners’ confidence retention. The property market in Dubai offers multiple property options for investors to choose from. For this reason, it has become one of the most prominent investor destinations with significant economic contributions.

Types of Property Visas in the UAE

Property visas are usually offered to property investors and buyers. Ownership of the properties is maintained depending on the visa duration. Below are the categories of property visas available in the UAE.

  • 3-Year Property Visa: Dubai Land Department is responsible for issuing the 3-year property visa to interested buyers or investors in the UAE property worth AED 750,000 or more.


  • 5- Year Property Visa: This property visa permits long-term residency in the UAE. To qualify for the pass, one must invest a minimum of AED 2 million in properties and should not have a mortgage on other properties.


  • 10- Year Property Visa: The 10-year visa for Dubai property owners is issued to investors of AED 10 million with proof that it is not sourced from loans and financing. It also requires at least 3years of maintenance of investment.

Having a property visa will also allow you to sponsor family members. Choose UAE can assist you in obtaining your property visa and your dependents,’ become a UAE resident and bring your family with you. 



Rules in Obtaining a UAE Property Visa 

Property ownership in UAE comes with several terms and conditions that one should be aware of when applying for a property visa. Below are the rules one must keep in mind:

  • Visas for property owners are issued for freehold and residential properties.


  • One must invest in properties worth AED 750,000 million and more.


  •  Under the circumstances of a joint venture with a spouse, attachment of the marriage certificate is required.


  • An option for a 5-year retirement visa is eligible for ages 55 years old and above as long as the property is worth AED 1 million fully paid and not mortgaged. Husband and wife can share in one property as well with a marriage certificate required.

It is noteworthy that the prior minimum for a 5 year property visa is worth AED 5 million, but has now lowered to AED 2 million which gave entrepreneurs the boost to invest in Dubai and UAE’s real estate.  

Advantages of Having a UAE Property Visa 

Acquiring Dubai’s property visa comes with several attractive benefits. Listed below are some of the advantages:

  • The 10-year and 5-year property visas are renewed easily, so one is assured of continued investments.

  • One can enjoy other benefits like acquiring a driving license and visa-free travel to specific countries.

  •  One will have access to Dubai’s financial services and bank accounts.

  •  One can offer sponsorship to their dependents and family members. Furthermore, with the 10-year property visa, one can support family, dependents, one advisor, and an executive director.

Dubai’s strong capital appreciation and significant rental yields have made it a destination for global investors over the past years. The residency scheme provides opportunities to invest and reside in the UAE. Obtain a UAE property visa and get a long-term residency without having a local sponsor.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Our team of Government relations officers can assist you in obtaining a UAE residence visa as well as give a careful assessment if you can qualify for a property owner visa in Dubai and the UAE. Our end-to-end PRO services are not only reliable but also efficient, so you don’t need to worry about the hassle of applying on your own because we handle everything for you. Contact us today. 

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