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Updated UAE Residence Visa Types and Features

updated uae residence visa types and features

The United Arab Emirates offers a wide array of residence visas, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of global citizens. From employment-based visas to options for investors, students, and families, the UAE continually updates its policies to remain a top destination for talents and investors. Recent expansions in visa categories, such as the introduction of the Blue Residency Visa and enhancements to the Golden Visa, further broaden opportunities.

Golden Visa

The UAE has significantly expanded its Golden Visa program, now offering a 10-year residency to certain professionals and students, which marks a strategic move to attract skilled workers, scientists, and brilliant minds in various fields. This visa not only simplifies the process of living and working in the UAE but also provides greater stability for families of the visa holders. This expansion reflects the UAE’s commitment to becoming a hub for global talent.

Investor Visa (Partner Visa)

This visa is intended for individuals who invest in a business in the UAE. To qualify, the investor must make a substantial financial investment in a new or existing company. The Investor Visa, often referred to as a Partner Visa, is usually valid for three years.

Employment Visa

The Employment Visa remains a cornerstone for expatriates working in the UAE. It requires employer sponsorship and is generally valid for two years. This visa is tied directly to the employment contract, offering a straightforward path for those with job offers in the UAE.

Family Visa

Enabling families to live together in the UAE, the Family Visa allows residents to sponsor their immediate family members under conditions that they meet certain salary and accommodation criteria.

Freelancer Visa

The Freelancer Visa offers a flexible residency option for independent professionals, allowing them to live and work in the UAE with self-sponsorship, provided they obtain a freelance permit from a UAE free zone.

Tourist Visa

For short-term visitors, the Tourist Visa is available from 30 to 90 days and is perfect for those exploring the UAE or visiting family and friends.

Green Visa

Distinct from the work visa, the Green Visa is aimed at highly-skilled individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs. It allows holders a longer residency period after job loss or retirement and greater flexibility in sponsoring family members.


This fully digital visa is available for various categories and is applied for and issued online, streamlining the process for applicants outside the UAE.



Blue Visa

Recently introduced, the 10-year Blue Residency Visa is another strategic development aimed at skilled professionals. This visa streamlines the residency process and is part of the UAE’s effort to support skilled and unskilled workers in various sectors, offering them rights to long-term residency and greater job mobility within the country. The Blue Visa underscores the UAE’s initiative to diversify its economy and foster a dynamic workforce.

Student Visa

The Student Visa caters to international students enrolled in UAE institutions. Offering a renewable one-year residency, this visa facilitates educational pursuits and can be extended based on the duration of the academic program.

Navigating Visa Applications

Applying for UAE visas involves submitting various documents and meeting specific criteria tailored to each visa type. It is crucial to ensure all documents meet the UAE immigration authorities’ requirements for a successful application.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we streamline the process of obtaining UAE residence visas for individuals and families. Our experts provide comprehensive support, from understanding different visa requirements to ensuring your application meets all legal standards. Whether you need help with the new Blue Residency Visa, the expanded Golden Visa, or any other visa type, Choose UAE ensures a smooth application process, allowing you to focus on your plans in the UAE. Contact us today for personalized assistance in securing your UAE residence visa.

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