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Visa Sponsorship Requirements for Foreign Companies in the UAE

visa sponsorship requirements for foreign companies in the uae

As the UAE continues to attract global businesses with its dynamic market and strategic location, many foreign companies are considering setting up operations in the region. One common query in this context is whether a foreign company must establish a company in the UAE to sponsor visas for their employees. Here’s what you need to know.

The Necessity of a Local Entity for Visa Sponsorship

Yes, it is mandatory. To issue visas for employees in the UAE, a company must have a local presence. This is primarily because the UAE requires a sponsor for visa issuance, and typically, this sponsor is a locally incorporated company.

How to Sponsor Visas as a Foreign Company

Incorporate a Local Company

The most straightforward method to sponsor visas is to incorporate a company within the UAE. This company can be wholly owned by the foreign parent company, depending on the jurisdiction within the UAE. For instance, free zones offer 100% foreign ownership, while onshore entities might require a local partner.

Choose the Right Jurisdiction

Depending on your business needs, you can choose between mainland and various free zones. Each zone has its own set of benefits and regulations. Free zones generally offer easier start-up processes, tax exemptions, and are ideal for companies looking to have 100% foreign ownership.

Complete the Incorporation Process

The process involves selecting a trade name, applying for a business license, registering the company with the relevant authorities, and fulfilling specific legal and regulatory requirements that may vary by jurisdiction.

Visa Sponsorship Post-Incorporation

Once your company is incorporated, it can act as a sponsor for your employees’ visas. This involves applying for eligibility from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and ensuring compliance with all local labor laws.



How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we simplify the complex process of setting up a company in the UAE for foreign businesses. Our expert team guides you through each step, from navigating the incorporation process to selecting the ideal jurisdiction and business structure. We also handle all aspects of visa applications and sponsorship requirements, ensuring compliance with local regulations. By partnering with Choose UAE, you can focus more on your business operations while we efficiently manage the administrative details, helping you establish your presence in the UAE with ease and confidence.

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