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What is DED Trade License

what is ded trade license

Unveiling the opportunities and advantages Dubai offers, it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs and business owners aim to establish their ventures here. An integral part of setting up a business in Dubai is obtaining a trade license. This blog will unravel what a DED trade license is, its importance, and the process of acquiring it.

What is DED Trade License

For businesses operating in Dubai mainland, obtaining a trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) is a fundamental step. This DED license serves as proof that your business meets all legal requirements and is authorized to operate within Dubai, establishing trust and credibility.

The DED offers different types of trade licenses depending on your business activity: commercial licenses for trading activities, professional licenses for professions and crafts, and industrial licenses for manufacturing or industrial activities. By offering such a range, Dubai ensures businesses of all kinds can flourish within its borders.

Securing this trade license entails several stages. To start off, you must define the legal structure your business will adopt. Subsequently, a trade name needs to be reserved, and an application for an initial approval certificate must be lodged. This is followed by the drafting of your company’s Memorandum of Association (MoA) and finalizing a physical location for your business. With these steps accomplished, you’re ready to submit all necessary documents for the final sign-off. After gaining approval, you can acquire your DED license and set sail on your entrepreneurial venture in Dubai.

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