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What is Dubai CommerCity (DCC) Free Zone

What Is Dubai CommerCity (DCC) Free Zone Min

Dubai is the Middle East’s business hub and a favorable business destination for many entrepreneurs from all around the globe. It is also a favorable business destination for entrepreneurs active in e-commerce businesses due to the city’s thriving and growing economy. Dubai CommerCity operates as Middle East Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region’s first and leading free zone dedicated to e-commerce. Dubai CommerCity provides an all-in-one e-commerce hub consisting of three clusters; business, logistics, and social. The main reason behind establishing and developing this free zone was the exponential boom that e-commerce and online retailers have seen over the last several years in the UAE. 

The free zone is situated in the Umm Ramool area with around $1 billion investment and spanning over 2.1 million square feet. The location is strategic and located next to Dubai International Airport, and it is designed to enable fast e-commerce fulfillment across the region. Proximity to the airport offers short delivery lead times for international imports and exports. This is an excellent advantage for e-commerce businesses in delivering the best online shopping experience.

What Does Dubai CommerCity (DCC) Free Zone Offer?

There is a wide range of services that the Dubai CommerCity (DCC) free zone offers:

  • special e-commerce licenses, 
  • end-to-end company formation,
  • business setup solutions tailored to the needs of the businesses,
  • unique consultation services, including e-commerce strategy development,
  • guidance on e-commerce regulations in the region,
  • tech development, performance marketing, and content services,
  • pre-negotiated partnerships, 
  • strong ties with other government authorities, 
  • flexible price structures,
  • Business setup and customs support,
  • E-commerce technology platform and services,
  • Warehousing and last-mile delivery,
  • Digital marketing and customer analytics,
  • E-commerce business support services.



Advantages of Starting a Business in Dubai CommerCity (DCC) Free Zone

There are plenty of advantages for those who wish to start their business in Dubai CommerCity (DCC) free zone. One of the significant advantages of running a business in this free zone is the services offered:

  • pre and post set up support, fast and automated registration and licensing
  • pre-integrated and pre-configured e-commerce platform
  • smart and centralized customer relationship management for a great customer experience
  • access to onsite ecosystem service providers such as payment gateways, marketing services agencies, call centers, web developers, and others
  • business support which includes networking events, talent acquisition, and development, and marketing management
Other Advantages of Running an E-commerce Business in Dubai CommerCity (DCC) Free Zone are:
  • 100% foreign company ownership: Foreign entrepreneurs and investors can fully establish their business without any nationality restriction.
  • No corporate tax or income tax: Businesses in DCC free zone are not required to pay any direct taxes on corporate profits.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits: Full repatriation of capital gains, dividends, and profits is permissible. 

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, our company formation specialists can guide you in starting your e-commerce business in Dubai CommerCity Free Zone with ease– from obtaining your license and providing end-to-end services. Become a part of the most e-commerce-focused free zone in Dubai and get our straightforward pricing with no license processing and no hidden fees. Our company formation experts will pave the way for you to jumpstart your online business in Dubai and the UAE. 

We can also help you with all the tools you would need to successfully run your business in the UAE, with our support services like Corporate Bank Account opening assistance, Online Payment Gateway, and Web Development Services, Choose UAE’s got you covered. Contact Us for more details.

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