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What is Professional License in Dubai and How Do You Obtain it

what is professional license in dubai

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in the UAE issues various types of licenses for running various businesses in the UAE. For example, for conducting trades, a commercial license should be given, and for professional activities, a professional license should be obtained. So what is professional license in dubai? A professional license is mainly issued for businesses willing to engage in service-oriented activities. Skilled individuals holding a professional degree or significant experience in a particular profession can also apply for this license. To figure out whether a commercial license or a professional license can fulfill the aims of a business better and cover the intended business activities, it is always better to consult a business setup consultant beforehand. 

What is Professional License in Dubai & Who Needs It?

All commercial and business activities in Dubai require a trade license. To this aim, DED offers various trade licenses, which each cover certain business activities. This is why selecting a suitable trade license and deciding on the business activities before applying for the trade license are vital to a business. Companies and individuals with trained skills can apply for a professional license. The following categories can operate a business under the professional service’s license: 

  • Accountants, auditors, and financial advisors 
  • Advertising professionals 
  • Entertainment artists
  • Architectural consultants 
  • Educational professionals (teachers and trainers) 
  • Business consultants 
  • Lawyers and legal advisors 
  • Medical representatives 
  • Carpentry and artisanal activities 
  • Technical services  
  • Consultancies 
  • Printing and publishing services 
  • Internet and web design services 
  • Beauty salons 
  • Accounting and auditing services 
  • Information technology services 
  • Management consultancies 
  • Health care and medical services

A business setup consultant can provide you with the complete list of professions eligible to apply for a professional license, he/she can also be an excellent asset for clarifying what category of business activities can be operated under a professional license. Let’s look in what is professional license in dubai in more details.


Process of Obtaining a Professional License 

There is a list of documents that should be prepared for obtaining a professional license from DED:

  • Application form
  • Passport copies of the foreign business owners 
  • Emirates ID copies of the business owners (only applicable if they are UAE residents)
  • Copies of the visas of the foreign business owners (in case they are not UAE residents)
  • Passport and ID copies of the local partners 
  • NOC (if applicable)
  • Approvals listed by the DED
  • Approvals from the municipality and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), if applicable

The DED also charges fees, and a security deposit may be requested in the process of applying for the license.

The whole paperwork can be carried out quickly and efficiently by a business setup consultant. The best way to handle the entire registration process is, of course, to leave it to the hands of professionals based in the UAE who are already familiar with the delicacies and the procedure of dealing with the DED. One of the main reasons why opting for a business setup consultancy is highly recommended is the swiftness of handling the process and doing it cost-effectively. 

100% Ownership of Professional Company

One of the main advantages of operating a business under a professional license is the possibility of owning a business 100% by foreign entrepreneurs or investors. With a professional license, only an agreement with a local service agent (LSA) who is paid annually is required. The ownership will be maintained fully by the foreign entrepreneur. The local service agent is mandatory for representing the company in all government-related proceedings.   

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