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What is the Cost of Freelance Visa in UAE

what is the cost of freelance visa in uae

As an emerging hub of innovation and creativity, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an ideal platform for freelancers seeking to launch their careers. The government, cognizant of the unique needs of these independent professionals, has introduced the freelance visa. This progressive step has opened a whole new world of opportunities for freelancers. But what is the cost of a freelance visa in UAE? In this blog, we delve into an overview of the freelance visa and discuss its associated benefits.

Freelancing in the UAE: An Overview

The UAE provides a flourishing platform not only for established corporations and budding startups but also for freelancers who prefer a flexible work pattern. Embarking on a freelance journey in the UAE involves a two-fold procedure – setting up a business entity and procuring a visa. By forming a company, freelancers can create a legal umbrella for their professional pursuits. This company allows them to issue formal invoices and opens doors to a wider client base that necessitates working with registered entities. Subsequently, freelancers can obtain a self-sponsorship visa, which confers them the legal status to reside and work in the UAE. The visa grants benefits similar to a residential visa, such as the provision to open a UAE bank account, the eligibility for an Emirates ID, and the capacity to sponsor family members. This setup bestows freelancers with unrivaled flexibility and independence, letting them be their own bosses, choose their clients, control their workload, and chart their professional course.



Tax Relief for Freelancers in the UAE

In addition to the convenience and flexibility that come with a freelance visa, recent developments have made freelancing even more appealing in the UAE. As reported by Timeout Dubai, self-employed expats, including freelancers, may be entitled to a tax relief of up to AED 27,000 under the recently launched scheme. This move is anticipated to provide substantial support to the growing freelance community in the UAE, further enhancing the appeal of pursuing a freelance career in the country.

What is the Cost of a Freelance Visa in UAE?

While we cannot provide specific costs associated with obtaining a freelance visa in the UAE in this blog, we understand that cost plays a crucial role in your decision-making process. To get a personalized cost estimate for obtaining a freelance visa, we invite you to get in touch with us at Choose UAE or use our dedicated cost calculator. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the entire process, from understanding the requirements to finally receiving your freelance visa.

How Can Choose UAE Help

The freelance visa is a golden ticket for independent professionals looking to expand their horizons and explore the burgeoning market of the UAE. With its unique blend of flexibility, security, and accessibility, it serves as a solid foundation to catapult your freelance career onto the global stage. To understand more about the process and the cost of a freelance visa in UAE, reach out to us at Choose UAE. We’re here to simplify your journey towards becoming a legal freelancer in the UAE.

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