The basic documents required are the shareholder’s Passport, National ID (If applicable) and a Passport Photo, for both Free Zones and Mainlands. A Memorandum of Association (MoA) and tenancy contract, as well as some other government agencies’ approval, may also be required depending on the business activities. For the documents related to branch incorporation, please contact one of our experts at Choose UAE as documents for branch incorporation depend specifically on the business activity.

During the process of company formation in one of the UAE’s free zones, physical presence is not required. However, for the mainland company formation, it is required. 

In setting up your business, we provide end-to-end business setup solutions to our clients from documentation, Government liaison, external approvals assistance, local service agent requirement, office solutions, and more.

The types of legal company structures are as follows:

  • Sole establishment
  • GCC company branch
  • Civil company
  • Local company branch
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Holding company
  • Foreign company’s representative office
  • Public joint-stock company
  • Private joint-stock company


Get in touch with our company formation specialists to know which company structure will benefit your business the most. 

An offshore entity in the UAE is a full foreign-owned limited liability company. They do not require a trade license in the country nor a residence visa as they do not entitle the Shareholder to conduct business in the country. The offshore structures have the considerable advantage of property ownership in UAE. 

No. You don’t need to obtain a residence visa when opening a company in the UAE and you can

All licenses should be renewed every year in the UAE. The failure of renewal in time would follow penalties and even cancellation of all the residence visas issued for the company. 

There are no personal income or corporate taxes in the UAE. However, the operative companies in the UAE should pay a 5% import duty to get the clearance of their goods from the port into the country. 

As its title suggests, the Shareholder is one of the company owners, shares a certain percentage of its shares, and holds a share certificate. The director is the person appointed by the company’s shareholders and manages the company. The director’s responsibilities are to sign off the business contracts and official documents and account opening forms. Same as shareholders, a company can have one or multiple directors. 

Depending on various factors, such as the selected jurisdiction, a free zone company formation process can take from 2 to 5 business days, while it can take from 5 to 7 business days for Dubai Mainland excluding external approvals if there are any. The first stage is registering the trade name, then providing various documents based on the type of incorporation, and finally obtaining the required licenses from the issuing authorities. Choose UAE can handle and provide a hassle-free process for your company formation in Dubai and the UAE. 

In UAE Free Zones, physical presence is not required, whereas in a Dubai Mainland company formation, it is required. It will be necessary for them to sign formal incorporation documents in the UAE in person. 

Our experts at Choose UAE can give you detailed information regarding which free zones in the UAE do not require your physical presence for company incorporation. Also, by providing us with a power of attorney, certified and attested by a UAE embassy or consulate abroad, we can handle the whole company incorporation in the UAE without your presence.

Yes, the same person can be both a shareholder and a director in the same company.

This will be based on your requirements. Our experts at Choose UAE can guide you through choosing the best incorporation options for your business, taking into account your business aims and needs. You can discuss all your options with our consultants, who will consider the necessary factors for company incorporation.

Some of the documents for company incorporation are required to be officially acceptable. One example is the educational documents essential for issuing residence visas should be attested at the corresponding UAE embassy or consulate in the country of origin. These documents will then be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dubai. 

In some cases, an educational certificate or supporting documents will be required based on business activity and jurisdiction.

Local Service Agent

A local service agent is required in a Dubai Mainland company formation, specifically in obtaining a professional license. Note that a local service agent acts only as a representative and does not hold any share of the company. 

No, local service agents do not get involved in the company’s business and do not share the company’s profits and losses. They are only responsible for representing the company in government dealings. 

No. Companies established in free zones usually do not require working with a local service agent. However, companies formed on the mainland necessitate working with one. 

No, only UAE nationals can be assigned as a mainland company’s local agent. 

Pricing, Fees, & Refunds

We are partners with UAE Government authorities, hence our prices are the lowest in the market as we do not charge license processing fees nor do we have hidden charges. Our primary mission at Choose UAE is to enable and empower our clients to operate their business optimally in the UAE.

After receiving the government receipt, the refund will not be possible. Before that, however, you can contact your representative at Choose UAE to initiate the process if applicable.

You can contact us at Choose UAE or your representative.


The process depends on the bank your application is being submitted to. In banks similar to Mashreq Bank, the application can be done online. 

Our experts at Choose UAE can help you with opening a bank account in the UAE after obtaining a trade license in the UAE. We assist with the Corporate Bank Account opening for free to help our clients jumpstart their business in the UAE. 

In most banks, the physical presence at the bank is necessary for opening a bank account in the UAE. While in Mashreq Bank and similar banks, physical presence is not required– however, when the application gets approved, the bank will require the client’s physical presence for biometrics to activate the bank account.

It is not guaranteed, but there are barely any instances of the rejection of opening a bank account request after company formation.

There are several UAE banks that are friendly to startups and easy to open.

For those who would opt for a bank that does not require a minimum balance, a maintenance cost of around AED 100 – AED 200 per month is applied, depending on the bank. 

Yes, this is a possible option.