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Transferring Dependents from a Free Zone to Dubai Mainland

transferring dependents from a free zone to dubai mainland

When transferring dependents from a free zone to mainland Dubai, understanding the necessary documentation and the restrictions that apply during the visa transition period is crucial. This blog provides a detailed guide to ensure you have a smooth transition with minimal disruptions.

Required Documents for Visa Transfer

Transitioning your business or employment from a free zone to the mainland involves several key documents:

  1. Holding Application: This is the initial document required to initiate the transfer process, indicating that your visa will be temporarily held during the transition.
  2. End-of-Service Document: This document from your previous employer in the free zone confirms the termination of your services and is essential for clearing any previous employment ties.
  3. New Company Offer Letter from MOHRE: An official offer letter from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) is required, detailing your new employment on the mainland.
  4. Original Passports: The passports of both the sponsor and dependents involved in the transfer must be provided. This is to verify identity and ensure all are legally documented during the process.

Travel Restrictions During Visa Hold

Transferring visas comes with specific travel restrictions that are important to adhere to:

  • Visa Validity: Dependent visas must be valid for at least six months to be placed on hold. This requirement is crucial to ensure that the visa does not expire during the transition period.
  • Travel Restrictions: Family members cannot travel outside of the UAE while their visas are on hold. It is important to plan accordingly and avoid any travel during the visa processing time.
  • Presence Requirement: Dependents must remain within the country throughout the visa transfer process. This is to ensure they are available for any required documentation or verification steps by the authorities.



How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE streamlines your transition from a free zone to mainland Dubai by handling all essential documentation and navigating visa transfer restrictions. We ensure smooth submission of holding applications, service termination documents, and new offer letters, while also managing passport verifications and compliance with travel restrictions. With Choose UAE, you can focus on your business, knowing that the visa transfer process is handled efficiently and accurately. Contact us to get your family visa in the UAE.

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