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How to Open an Amazon Seller Account in the UAE

how to open amazon seller account in uae

In today’s digitally advanced world, e-commerce has emerged as a lucrative arena for entrepreneurs worldwide. Within this realm, Amazon stands as a leading global marketplace, connecting sellers with millions of customers. If you’re keen on tapping into this marketplace and exploring how to open an Amazon seller account in the UAE, this blog will guide you through the process, focusing on two indispensable requirements: an e-commerce trade license and a corporate bank account.

How to Open an Amazon Seller Account in the UAE

Step 1: Secure an E-Commerce Trade License

Before you embark on your Amazon selling journey, acquiring an e-commerce trade license is a prerequisite. This license legitimizes your business, allowing you to sell goods or services online within the UAE. The process to obtain this license involves selecting your business activities, deciding your company’s legal structure, submitting the required documents, and paying the relevant fees.

Obtaining an e-commerce trade license is an affirmation of your business’s legality, reflecting compliance with UAE’s stringent rules and regulations. It gives your business a credible standing, fostering trust among your prospective Amazon customers. Furthermore, Amazon requires proof of a trade license during the registration process, further emphasizing its importance.

Step 2: Open a Corporate Bank Account

Following the acquisition of an e-commerce trade license, the next step is to open a corporate bank account. This is a crucial requirement as Amazon makes payments to sellers through bank transfers. Opening a corporate bank account in the UAE involves providing your trade license, your passport (and those of any other partners involved), a completed application form, and other relevant documents as requested by your chosen bank. A corporate bank account not only facilitates transactions with Amazon but also streamlines your business’s financial management, making it easier to track revenues, expenses, and overall business performance.



Step 3: Register Your Amazon Seller Account

With a valid e-commerce trade license and corporate bank account in hand, you’re now ready to set up your Amazon seller account. Visit the Amazon Seller Central page and choose the ‘Start Selling’ option. You’ll be required to provide information about your business, including the company’s legal name (as on your trade license), location, and contact information. You’ll also need to provide your bank account details for receiving payments.

Further along the registration process, Amazon will ask you to verify your identity (individual or company). Here, you will need to provide your e-commerce trade license, bank account details, and identity proof (like a passport or Emirates ID). Once all the information is verified, you can start listing your products on Amazon and begin your exciting e-commerce journey!

Opening an Amazon seller account in the UAE involves critical steps that require you to comply with local business regulations. The dual requirements of an e-commerce trade license and a corporate bank account are not mere formalities but fundamental aspects that establish your business’s legal and financial footing. By fulfilling these requirements, you pave the way for a successful venture into the world of e-commerce on Amazon.

How Can Choose UAE Help

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