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Opening a Branch Office in Dubai

opening a branch office in dubai

When expanding your business into Dubai, establishing a branch office under the Department of Economic Development (DED) can be a strategic move. This option is particularly viable for businesses that operate under a professional business license. Understanding the process and requirements for opening a branch office in Dubai is crucial for a smooth transition.

Key Considerations for Branch Licensing

  1. Activity Type: The DED allows branch licenses primarily for professional activities. This enables service-oriented businesses to extend their operations within Dubai under the same management and operational ethos as their headquarters.
  2. Ejari Registration: Acquiring an Ejari, which is the official rental agreement registration in Dubai, is essential. This document proves the legality of your business premises and is necessary for the branch office licensing process.
  3. Company Name Uniformity: The name of your branch office in Dubai will need to match exactly with that of the headquarters, ensuring brand consistency and recognition.

Required Documentation

To ensure compliance and approval from the DED, several key documents must be prepared and submitted:

  • Board of Resolution: This document is a formal declaration by your company’s board, authorizing the establishment of the branch.
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association (MOA): The MOA outlines the company’s charter, and a copy of this document is required to confirm the business’s scope and nature.
  • Copy of Incorporation Certificate: This certifies the legal formation of the company and is necessary to validate the company’s existence and legality.
  • Company Letterhead: A document containing basic information about the beneficiary owners, signed and stamped by the manager, is needed to personalize and authenticate further the application.
  • Attestations: All key documents must be attested by the Emirates embassy in the country of origin and the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure they are recognized as valid under local laws.
  • Manager’s Identification: The branch manager’s Emirates ID or Unified number must also be submitted.



How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE streamlines the establishment of branch offices in Dubai for Free Zone companies, handling all necessary processes and documentation for compliance with the Department of Economic Development (DED). Our services cover professional activity alignment, Ejari registration, and ensuring your branch’s name matches your headquarters. We manage essential documents, including attestation, to ensure legal recognition. Choose UAE provides expert guidance, supporting you through every step to successfully expand your business presence in Dubai’s dynamic market. For efficient and effective business expansion support, contact Choose UAE.

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