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What Visa Do You Need to Sponsor Your Family Members in Dubai

what visa do you need to sponsor your family members

If you’re planning to relocate your family to Dubai or looking to ensure they can join you if you’re already residing there, understanding the visa requirements is crucial. What visa do you need to sponsor your family members in Dubai? Here’s a breakdown of the main types of visas that allow family sponsorship and how to obtain them.

Investor Visa

Purpose: The Investor Visa is tailored for individuals who invest in the UAE, either by launching a business or investing in an existing one.

Benefits: It facilitates self-sponsorship and allows for the sponsorship of dependents such as spouses, children, and parents.

How to Obtain: Investors need to make a substantial financial investment, the amount of which depends on the emirate and business type. This visa can offer long-term residency for up to 10 years, renewable.

Additional Benefits: This visa includes perks like opening a company bank account, and applying for driving licenses, among others, enhancing the lifestyle in the UAE.

Employee Visa

Purpose: This is issued to individuals employed by UAE companies.

Benefits: It permits the sponsorship of family members, contingent on meeting certain salary thresholds.

How to Obtain: The employer handles the arrangement, requiring proof of employment and other documentation.

Considerations: A valid employment contract is necessary, and the job must align with the visa requirements, suitable for skilled professionals to managerial roles.

Key Requirements for Sponsoring Family Members

Employee Visa Requirements:
  1. Salary Requirements:
    • For Men: Minimum salary of AED 5,000-6,000.
    • For Women: Minimum salary of AED 8,000 plus a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the husband.
  2. Employer’s Letter: Must be stamped and signed by authorized personnel.
  3. Passport and Visa: Valid UAE Residence Visa and passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  4. Bank Statements: Last six months, stamped by the bank.
  5. Emirates ID: Original card required.
  6. Medical Insurance: Valid policy.
General Visa Requirements for All Dependents:
  1. Passport Photos: White background.
  2. Passports: Valid copies for both sponsor and dependent, with at least 7 months validity.
  3. Certification of Birth and Marriage Certificates: Attested as per UAE requirements.
  4. Tenancy Contract: Must be verified by Ejari.
  5. Utility Bill: Most recent.
  6. IBAN Number: For banking transactions.
Investor Visa Requirements:
  1. Parent Sponsorship:
    • Salary: Minimum of AED 15,000.
    • Bank Statements: Last six months.
    • Housing: 3 BHK tenancy ejari is required.
  2. Dependent Sponsorship:
    • Security Deposit: Required per dependent.
Important Note:
  • The requirements for sponsoring different dependents (spouse, children, parents) may vary slightly, with specific documents like an NOC being required under certain circumstances.
  • Always ensure to check for the latest updates on visa regulations as these can change.



How Can Choose UAE Help

Both the Investor and Employee Visas offer pathways for family sponsorship in the UAE. Adherence to all legal requirements is crucial and consulting with a legal expert or visa consultant is advisable to navigate the complexities effectively. This guidance helps in understanding and maneuvering through UAE visa regulations efficiently.

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