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Sharjah Free Zone Family Visa Requirements

sharjah free zone family visa requirements

In the dynamic economic landscape of the UAE, the Sharjah Free Zone stands out as a prime destination for expatriates aiming to combine business initiatives with family life. This zone not only lays a solid foundation for businesses with its advantages like 100% foreign ownership and tax exemptions but also facilitates family reunification through its family visa services. Grasping the Sharjah Free Zone family visa requirements is essential for those intending to unite their families in the UAE while pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Sharjah Free Zone Family Visa Requirements

The Crucial Role of the Sponsor’s Visa

At the heart of sponsoring family members in the Sharjah Free Zone is the status of the sponsor’s visa. Here’s how it works:

  • If the Sponsor Has a Visa: Individuals already holding a UAE visa can sponsor their family members. This includes both employees working within the UAE and entrepreneurs who have obtained an investor visa by setting up their own company. The key is that the sponsor must have a valid residency visa to initiate the family visa process.
  • If the Sponsor Does Not Have a Visa: For those new to the UAE or looking to transition from employment to entrepreneurship, self-sponsorship is a viable route. By opening a company in the Sharjah Free Zone, individuals can sponsor themselves for a residency visa. Once this is secured, they can then move forward with sponsoring their family members.



Document Checklist and Requirements

The process is anchored by a set of documents needed from both the sponsor and the dependents, ensuring legal compliance and a smooth application journey.

For the Sponsor

  • Valid Passport and UAE Residence Visa: A passport with at least 7 months of validity and a UAE residence visa with a minimum of 6 months’ validity are non-negotiable requirements.
  • Marriage and Birth Certificates: Original certificates, attested and translated as necessary, serve as proof of the family relationship.
  • Financial Stability Proof: Bank statements or employer letters can be required to demonstrate the sponsor’s ability to support their dependents.
  • Accommodation Proof: A tenancy contract or title deed, along with a recent utility bill, confirms adequate living arrangements for the family.
  • Medical Insurance: Valid medical insurance for the dependent(s) is essential.
For the Dependent(s)
  • Passport and Photographs: A valid passport and recent passport-size photographs against a white background are basic necessities.
  • Entry Status: Documentation regarding the dependent’s current entry status or residency in the UAE is required, tailored to their specific situation.
Sponsoring Children: Key Points
  • Unmarried Daughters: There are no age restrictions for sponsoring unmarried daughters.
  • Sons: Sons can be sponsored up to the age of 25, while those with special needs can be sponsored regardless of age.
Financial Considerations

The cost structure for the family visa depends on the age of the dependent(s), encompassing processing fees, medical examination costs, and Emirates ID charges, with a standard 5% VAT applied. A refundable security deposit enhances the process’s credibility.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Starting a business while keeping your family close in the UAE may feel overwhelming. Choose UAE makes it simple. We handle everything from your business license to your family’s visas, so you can focus on growing your business and enjoying family time without the hassle. Start your family reunion journey in Sharjah Free Zone with Choose UAE. Contact us now for your business license and smooth family visa process. Enjoy the best of both worlds: thriving in business while being close to your loved ones, thanks to Sharjah Free Zone’s unique advantages.

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