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Transferring Dependents Between Mainland Companies in Dubai

transferring dependents between mainland companies in dubai

Transferring the sponsorship of dependents between mainland companies in Dubai involves a well-defined process that requires careful handling of various documents and procedural steps. This is crucial for ensuring a smooth transition for both the sponsor and the dependents. Here’s an overview of what’s involved.

Required Documents for Sponsorship Transfer

When transferring dependent sponsorship, it’s essential to gather all necessary documentation to facilitate the process:

  1. Holding Application: This is necessary to initiate the process of transferring sponsorship.
  2. Labour Cancellation Documents: These are required from the current employer to prove that the previous employment and sponsorship have been formally terminated.
  3. Offer Letter from the New Employer: This document, issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), confirms the new employment offer and is crucial for the visa application process.
  4. Original Passports: The passports of both the sponsor and the dependents must be presented to verify identities and existing visa statuses.

Process for Putting Family Visas on Hold

Placing family visas on hold is part of the transition and requires specific steps:

  1. Cancellation of the Labour Card: Begin by cancelling the labour card with the current employer, which is necessary before the visa can be placed on hold.
  2. Request a Visa Hold: Visit an Amer centre or an ICA customer happiness centre to formally request that the family visas be put on hold.
  3. Visa Cancellation: Following the hold request, the current visa must be cancelled to allow the new employer to apply for a new residence visa.
  4. Application by the New Employer: The new employer will need to apply for the residence visa, which must be processed and stamped.
  5. Removing the Visa Hold: Once the new visa is stamped, the hold on the family visas can be removed, which typically leads to the refund of any deposits, provided the process is completed within the stipulated time frame.



Special Considerations

For holders of the Golden Visa, it’s important to note that no security deposit is required when holding visas for family members, which can simplify the process.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE simplifies the transfer of dependent sponsorship between mainland companies in Dubai, providing expert guidance and managing all necessary documentation and procedural steps. Our services include handling holding applications, labor cancellation, and new employment offer letters, ensuring compliance with UAE immigration laws. We liaise directly with relevant authorities like MOHRE, Amer centers, and ICA customer happiness centers to streamline visa holds, cancellations, and new applications. With Choose UAE, you receive personalized support, timely updates, and follow-ups, allowing you to focus on your new role while we ensure a smooth and stress-free family residence visa inDubai. Contact Choose UAE today.

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