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Amazon Registration with an Ecommerce License in Sharjah Free Zone

amazon registration

Entering the digital marketplace on platforms like is a pivotal step for businesses aiming to expand their reach globally. Specifically, for those operating within the Sharjah Free Zone, obtaining an ecommerce license is not just beneficial; it’s a fundamental requirement for Amazon registration. This blog explores the seamless journey of Amazon registration with an ecommerce license in Sharjah Free Zone, detailing the prerequisites and highlighting why partnering with Choose UAE is the optimal path for navigating this process.

Prerequisites for Amazon Registration

Trade License

A valid trade license from the Sharjah Free Zone authorities underscores your business’s legality and eligibility to operate within the UAE. It’s the cornerstone document, indicating your business activities align with your ecommerce objectives.


A clear, valid passport copy of the business owner is required to verify identity and nationality, ensuring compliance with international trade laws and Amazon’s seller verification process.

Preferred Email and Password

Setting up a dedicated email for your Amazon seller account enhances security and streamlines communication. This email will be the primary contact point for all Amazon-related correspondence.

Residential Address

Your residential address is necessary for identity verification processes, aligning with Amazon’s policies to ensure sellers are traceable and accountable.

Company Address

The address of your company within the Sharjah Free Zone will be listed on your Amazon seller profile, offering transparency to customers and establishing trust in your business’s physical presence.

Bank Account

A UAE bank account in the name of your Sharjah Free Zone company is crucial for financial transactions on Amazon. It facilitates the receipt of sales revenues and the payment of Amazon’s seller fees.

The timeline for Amazon registration typically spans 3-5 working days, provided all prerequisites are meticulously met and accurately presented.



Why Opt for Choose UAE for Amazon Registration?

Navigating the Amazon registration process, especially in the nuanced context of Sharjah Free Zone’s ecommerce licensing, can be intricate. Choose UAE offers specialized services designed to streamline this journey:

Relationship Management

Our existing relationships with banks are leveraged to offer personalized support, acting as a bridge between the bank and our clients to smooth out the account opening process and swiftly address any issues.

Document Preparation

We provide comprehensive assistance in gathering and preparing the required documents for both your ecommerce license application and Amazon registration, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Submission Support

Our team handles the submission of your applications and documents, relieving you of the bureaucratic burden and allowing you to focus on your business.

Follow-Up Communication

We actively follow up with the bank and Amazon, ensuring your applications are processed promptly and any emerging issues are addressed without delay.

Account Activation

Once approval is obtained, we assist in activating your bank account and finalizing your Amazon seller account setup, ensuring you’re ready to start selling.

Client Support

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial setup. We provide ongoing support for any questions or issues related to your Amazon seller account or bank transactions, ensuring a smooth ecommerce operation.


The process of Amazon registration with an ecommerce license in Sharjah Free Zone is a strategic step towards global market expansion. With the right preparation and the support of a knowledgeable partner like Choose UAE, businesses can navigate this process efficiently, ensuring compliance, and laying a strong foundation for online success. The specialized services offered by Choose UAE not only streamline the registration and licensing process but also provide businesses with the peace of mind and support necessary to thrive on Amazon’s global platform. Start your journey of Amazon registration with an ecommerce license in Sharjah Free Zone today, and unlock the door to limitless e-commerce opportunities. Start on your global e-commerce journey with Choose UAE today, leveraging the Sharjah e-commerce license to unlock a world of opportunities.

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