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Company Setup in Dubai: Free Zone Guide

company setup dubai

Dubai, with its strategic location, vibrant economy, and status as a business hub, offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses looking to establish or expand their presence in the Middle East. To tap into this dynamic market, companies must navigate the process of setting up their business, which includes obtaining the necessary license from a Free Zone Authority. This license is crucial as it outlines the business activities the company is permitted to conduct within Dubai. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the company setup process in Dubai, highlighting the essential steps, required documents, and associated fees.

Company Setup in Dubai: Free Zone Guide

Steps for Company Setup in Dubai

1. Submit the Required Documents and Complete the Payment

The initial step involves preparing and submitting a comprehensive set of documents to the Free Zone Authority. This step is coupled with completing the payment for the license and other associated services, such as formation, visa allocation, and access to facilities like a Flexi Desk.

2. Receive a Timeline

Upon submission and payment, you will receive a timeline from the Free Zone Authority, detailing the expected duration of the process. This timeline helps businesses plan their activities and prepare for the commencement of operations.

3. Receive an Electronic License

The final step is receiving an electronic copy of your business license via email. This license serves as official permission to conduct the listed business activities within Dubai’s Free Zone.

Fees Structure

  • License Fee: Starting from AED 12,500, the license fee covers up to three groups of business activities.
  • Inclusive Packages: The fee must be bundled with additional services, including company formation, visa allocation, and access to a Flexi Desk.
  • Variable Costs: Prices may vary based on the visa allocation and any additional business activities added beyond the initial three groups.



Required Documents for Company Setup

For All Shareholders, Managers, and Directors
  • Passport Copy: A colored, clear full-page copy of the passport is required. The passport must be valid at the time of company formation.
For Parent Company (If Corporate)
  • Company Documents: This includes the Certificate of Formation/Incorporation, Certificate of Incumbency (issued within the last 3 months), Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Board Resolution.
  • Notarization: Documents must be notarized or attested by the issuing authority in the country where the parent company was formed.
  • Translation: Any documents issued in languages other than English or Arabic must be legally translated.
Additional Remarks for Specific Nationalities
  • Requirements vary slightly based on the shareholder’s nationality, including the need for specific pages of the passport or additional documents like the UAE Family Book & Emirates ID Card copy for UAE nationals.
Document Specifications

Ensuring that all documents meet the specified requirements is crucial for a smooth company setup process. This includes the notarization of parent company documents and the provision of legally translated documents when necessary.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Setting up a company in Dubai involves a detailed process, from document submission to fee payment and receiving your business license. Understanding the steps, fees, and documentation required can significantly streamline the setup process. Dubai’s Free Zone Authorities provide a supportive environment for businesses to thrive, offering a range of services to facilitate company formation. With careful planning and adherence to the outlined requirements, entrepreneurs can successfully navigate the company setup process in Dubai, unlocking the potential for growth and success in one of the world’s most dynamic economic landscapes. Choose UAE enhances this journey by offering comprehensive, hassle-free services for business formation, residence visas, banking, and brand launch, backed by a dedicated support team to guide each client through their entrepreneurial journey, evidenced by our 5-star ratings for dependability and credibility in helping businesses in the UAE and globally to thrive.

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