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Documents Required for the Incorporation of a Company

documents required for the incorporation of a company

Dubai, a sparkling jewel in the heart of the Middle East, holds a strategic global position bridging the East and West. This vibrant city has emerged as a premier business hub attracting a plethora of entrepreneurs, millionaires and startups seeking growth opportunities. Dubai’s diversified, burgeoning economy, coupled with world-class infrastructure, easy business set-up processes, and high-quality lifestyle, makes it a prominent choice for business incorporation. In this blog, let’s explore the documents required for the incorporation of a company in Dubai in detail.

Documents Required for the Incorporation of a Company

Passport Copy: Include a clear photocopy of your passport, specifically the page with your personal details and any relevant visa stamps, to meet the identification requirements.

Two Passport-size Photographs: Providing two recent passport-size photographs is necessary for official identification and documentation.

Trade Name: Prepare three possible options for your trade name or company name. This is important as it allows for flexibility in case your preferred name is not available or does not comply with the naming guidelines.

Residence Address Proof: Prepare proof of your residence address, which can be either your UAE address or your home country address, depending on your residency status.

Visa Copy or Entry Stamp: If you are a resident of the UAE, include a copy of your valid visa. If you are on a tourist visa, provide a copy of your entry stamp. Skip this requirement if you don’t have either of these documents.

Emirates ID: Only UAE residents are required to provide a copy of their Emirates ID (front and back). If you are not a UAE resident, this document is not needed.

Payment Proof: Ensure you have proof of payment for the company incorporation fees. This can be in the form of a bank statement or transaction receipt.

Gathering these required documents is a crucial step towards efficiently incorporating your company in the UAE. Remember that additional paperwork may be necessary based on the jurisdiction and nature of your business

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