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Dubai Thriving Real Estate Sector: An Opportunity for Brazilian Investors

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For Brazilian investors seeking global opportunities, Dubai’s real estate sector is a compelling proposition. A vibrant blend of eastern and western cultures, coupled with its strategic geographic location and a robust economy, make Dubai a destination of choice for international real estate investors. Add to this the forecast that Dubai is poised to welcome an estimated 18 million tourists in 2023, the investment potential in Dubai real estate market is set to soar, especially for Brazilian investors.

Dubai’s real estate market presents an array of investment opportunities, ranging from luxury residential properties and commercial spaces to retail outlets and hospitality venues. This market diversity caters to a broad spectrum of investor preferences, with numerous opportunities for lucrative returns.

One of the prime factors bolstering Dubai’s real estate market is its thriving tourism sector. According to recent reports, Dubai’s tourism industry is anticipated to welcome approximately 18 million tourists in 2023. This surge in tourist numbers is set to bolster the UAE’s sustainable real estate sector significantly, offering a robust incentive for Brazilian investors to explore investment opportunities in this market.

How to Start a Real Estate Brokerage Firm in Dubai as a Brazilian

Before venturing into the UAE’s real estate sector, Brazilian investors should consider key steps for a successful setup. A licensed real estate brokerage firm in Dubai can operate as a Limited Liability Company or a sole proprietorship. Understanding the market dynamics is crucial, involving thorough research to assess locations and financial viability. Choosing a suitable business model, such as full ownership, partnership, or LLC, aligns with objectives. Registering the business requires selecting a unique trade name and submitting documentation to the Department of Economic Development. It’s important to assess establishment costs, as launching a real estate enterprise involves procedures and potential expenses, with full ownership usually granted to a UAE national for investor protection and oversight.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE is renowned for our expertise in setting up real estate brokerages in Dubai. Our team of specialists can help you navigate the process, offering services such as providing shareholder details, obtaining initial and RERA approvals, finalizing agreements, and acquiring the trade license. Contact Choose UAE today!



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