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How Much is a Freelance Visa in UAE

how much freelance visa in uae

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), known for its thriving economy and strategic geographical location, offers an attractive landscape for freelancers. Notably, the country presents an appealing pathway to legal freelancing – through company formation. Freelancers can sponsor themselves by establishing their own businesses, thus obtaining a freelancer visa. But how much would this entail? Let’s delve into how much a freelance visa in the UAE to sponsor oneself through company formation.

How Much is a Freelance Visa in UAE

The freelance visa, a special permit provided by the UAE authorities, paves the way for individuals to pursue independent work without the necessity of a full-time employment contract. By forming their own company, freelancers gain the means to acquire this visa, transforming into a single-person entity operating within a sanctioned framework. 

The cost of obtaining a freelancer visa in the UAE through company formation depends on several factors, including the specific free zone where you decide to establish your company. Each free zone has its own fee structure, and the overall cost can vary significantly. To find out the cost, use Choose UAE’s calculator:

Besides the primary setup expenses, there are ancillary costs that require consideration. This includes compulsory health insurance, the charges associated with visa processing, and potential extra fees should you decide to extend visa sponsorship to your family members. Also, freelancers should remember to account for the costs related to renewing their visa and license every two years.



How Can Choose UAE Help

The process of obtaining a freelance visa through company formation can be complex and time-consuming. However, with the right guidance and support, it can be made considerably more straightforward. At Choose UAE, we’re committed to helping freelancers navigate the intricacies of company formation and visa procurement. Our expert team is here to simplify each step of the process, allowing you to focus on growing your freelance career in the vibrant UAE market. Contact us.

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