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How to Register Your Brand in the UAE

how to register brand in uae

In today’s competitive business landscape, creating a unique brand identity is critical for distinguishing your products or services and establishing a loyal customer base. In the UAE, a vibrant hub for startups and established businesses alike, brand registration is a vital step for securing your intellectual property rights. Here’s a comprehensive guide by Choose UAE on how to register your brand in the UAE and protect your business assets.

How to Register Your Brand in the UAE

I. Understand Your Brand and Perform a Trademark Search

The first stride involves recognizing the constituents of your brand, a singular mix of name, symbol, signature, figure, or title, abiding by UAE’s public morals and public order. Then, carry out an exhaustive trademark inquiry to verify that your prospective brand or logo is not already registered or under process of registration by another UAE entity.

II. Prepare and Submit Your Application

Once you’ve verified your brand’s uniqueness, gather the necessary documents. These include a power of attorney, a copy of your trade license (if you’re a company), and a detailed description and sample of your brand/logo. If these are not in Arabic, they must be translated by a legal translator. You can then submit your application to the Trademarks Registration Office at the Ministry of Economy. Upon acceptance, your brand will be advertised in two local newspapers for public visibility.

III. Handle Objections and Finalize Registration

Post-publicity of your brand, there’s a 30-day allowance for discrepancies to be raised. In the absence of any objections, or if you successfully navigate any discrepancies, your brand gets formally registered, and you receive a registration certificate. This ultimate step blends patience and proactive problem-solving, ensuring your brand’s recognition in the UAE market.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Navigating the brand registration process can be a complex task. At Choose UAE, we streamline this process for you. With our comprehensive understanding of the UAE’s intellectual property landscape and registration procedures, we ensure your brand registration process is hassle-free and efficient. We support you from initial consultation, through document preparation, to application submission and follow-ups. Contact us.



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