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How to Start an Amazon Store in UAE

how to start amazon in uae

Setting up shop on the world’s largest online marketplace – Amazon – has become a tempting prospect for numerous entrepreneurs across the globe. With the launch of in 2019, the platform has created a dynamic space for sellers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to grow their businesses. If you’re wondering ‘How to start Amazon in the UAE?’, you’ve come to the right place. This blog focuses on the essential prerequisites – a UAE Free Zone eCommerce license and a corporate bank account, and how they pave the way for your successful business setup on

How to Start an Amazon Store in UAE

Firstly, what makes a lucrative platform for sellers in the UAE? The e-commerce giant provides a unique blend of widespread reach and robust seller tools. With its large customer base and sophisticated logistics network, presents businesses of all sizes with an unparalleled opportunity to reach millions of customers.

Now, let’s delve into the requirements for becoming an Amazon seller in the UAE.

UAE Free Zone eCommerce License: The first requirement for starting an Amazon business in the UAE is obtaining an eCommerce license. One of the best places to get this license is in one of the UAE’s many Free Zones. These Free Zones offer a multitude of benefits to business owners, such as 100% foreign ownership, zero corporate taxes, and a streamlined setup process. A UAE Free Zone eCommerce license specifically authorizes businesses to engage in online selling, making it the perfect choice for Amazon sellers.

Corporate Bank Account: Setting Up a Corporate Bank Account: Once you have secured the requisite eCommerce license, the subsequent step involves establishing a corporate bank account in the UAE. This account will handle all transactions associated with your Amazon enterprise. Keep in mind, when setting up a seller account on, it’s necessary to input the details of a bank account based in the UAE. Hence, it’s critical to have a UAE corporate bank account.

Create an Amazon Seller Account: Now that your eCommerce license and corporate bank account are in place, you’re ready to form your Amazon seller account. This entails inputting information about your enterprise, accepting Amazon’s seller rules, and designing your virtual store.

List Your Products: The ultimate stage involves showcasing your products on and other popular online selling platforms. Do ensure to list precise product particulars and high-definition visuals to attract potential shoppers.



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