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HR Consultancy License in Dubai

hr consultancy license

Dubai has earned a reputation for its vibrant business environment, attracting entrepreneurs from various sectors looking to establish their businesses. One such sector is Human Resources (HR) Consultancy, which plays a crucial role in assisting businesses by offering guidance on human capital management, talent acquisition, and organizational development. In this article, Choose UAE will guide you through the process of acquiring an HR Consultancy license in Dubai and highlight the services you can offer with this license.

HR Consultancy License: Key Services Offered

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment: HR Consultancies help businesses find and hire the right candidates for their vacant positions. They can offer support in creating job descriptions, advertising positions, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and finalizing employment contracts.

Training and Development: HR Consultancies possess the capability to deliver bespoke training programs that can enhance employee skills, improve performance, and assist in career growth. They can also collaborate with businesses to identify skill gaps in their employees and create strategies to bridge these gaps effectively.

Performance Management: HR Consultancies possess the expertise to create performance management systems that enable businesses to establish performance goals, track progress, provide feedback, and assess employee performance. By implementing these systems, organizations can maintain employee motivation, engagement, and productivity with the help of HR Consultancies.

Organizational Development: HR Consultancies can facilitate businesses in carrying out organizational change endeavors, such as reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, or cultural transitions. To add, they can also support the creation and execution of HR policies, procedures, and frameworks to bolster overall organizational performance.

Employee Relations: HR Consultancies can provide guidance on maintaining healthy employee relations by offering advice on conflict resolution, grievance handling, and employee engagement initiatives. They can also help businesses ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.



Obtaining an HR Consultancy License in Dubai

To establish an HR Consultancy firm in Dubai, you need to follow these steps:

1. Choose the right jurisdiction and select a legal structure:

Dubai provides numerous options for establishing a business, including mainland and free zone jurisdictions. It’s crucial to select the jurisdiction that best aligns with your business requirements and goals then you must choose an appropriate legal structure for your enterprise, such as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or branch office.

2. Register your company name

Choose a distinctive trade name that signifies the nature of your business and adheres to the UAE’s trade name regulations and must not include any offensive terms or language that could be perceived as blasphemous.

3. Obtain your HR Consultancy license

Applying for an HR Consultancy license requires submitting necessary documentation, including a digital passport size photo, passport copy, copy of your residence visa (if applicable), and emirates ID copy (if applicable), to the appropriate authorities. The authorities you need to approach may vary depending on your selected jurisdiction.


4. Secure necessary approvals and permits

You will need to acquire the necessary approvals and permits from authorities such as the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Additionally, completing all the paperwork and paying the relevant fees associated with the management consultancy license process is also essential after obtaining the license.

5. Open a corporate bank account

After obtaining the HR Consultancy license, opening a corporate bank account is a critical requirement for managing your business finances and conducting transactions effectively.


Dubai presents a thriving business environment and a multitude of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to establish an HR Consultancy firm. The emirate’s strategic location, advanced infrastructure, and business-friendly regulations make it an ideal destination for those in the HR Consultancy sector.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Entrepreneurs can count on us at Choose UAE for top-notch support and guidance in obtaining an HR Consultancy license in Dubai. Our experienced team can assist with selecting the appropriate jurisdiction and legal structure, completing the necessary paperwork, and securing the required approvals and permits, freeing up entrepreneurs to focus on expanding their business. Contact us at Choose UAE to begin your entrepreneurial journey today.

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