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Multiple Visas in Dubai Free Zone Guide

multiple visas in dubai free zone

Dubai, the Middle East’s jewel, renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and architectural marvels, has also become a hub for global business and innovation, attracting entrepreneurs worldwide with its visionary leadership and strategic East-West bridging location. The city’s Free Zones offer enticing benefits like tax incentives, full foreign ownership, and a streamlined regulatory environment, making Dubai an ideal platform for businesses aiming for international market presence. As the world grows more interconnected, the allure of establishing a venture in Dubai’s diverse Free Zones, continues to attract startups and established enterprises alike, promising access to emerging markets and cutting-edge infrastructure. Entrepreneurs looking to navigate the business licensing process in Dubai, aiming for cost-effectiveness while ensuring a solid foundation for growth, can find strategies such as selecting specific business activities, utilizing flexible office solutions, and seeking expert advice crucial. Achieving an affordable business license and navigating the process for multiple visas in Dubai Free Zone are within reach with strategic planning, opening doors to vast opportunities in one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

Multiple Visas in Dubai Free Zone Guide

Initial Visa Allocations

With a starting cost of AED 12,900 for a Dubai Free Zone license, businesses can obtain up to three visa allocations without the need for physical office space. This initial allowance is ideal for small teams or startups looking to minimize overhead costs while benefiting from the prestige and facilities of operating within a Dubai Free Zone.

Beyond the Initial Allocation

For businesses requiring more than three visas, the fourth visa and any subsequent ones necessitate availing of a flexi desk in the Dubai Free Zone. This requirement ensures that companies with larger teams have access to the necessary infrastructure to support their operations, albeit with the added flexibility that flexi desks offer compared to traditional office spaces.

Visa Costs

The starting cost for an employee visa is AED 3,750, providing an affordable option for businesses to bring in talent from abroad or regularize the status of existing team members in the UAE.



Special Considerations for Visa Processing

Passport Requirements
  • For Pakistani nationals, the passport signature page is required.
  • Indian nationals with a special page passport need to provide this for visa processing.
  • All passports should be valid for at least one month.
For Existing UAE Residents
  • Residents with a minimum of four years until they need to do the Emirates ID (EID) biometrics again can facilitate smoother visa processing.
  • Additional documentation for UAE residents includes a visa copy (Residence or Visit Visa), Emirates ID copies (front and back), and proof of address supported by utility bills or a Statement of Account (SOA).
For Applicants Outside the UAE
  • If the applicant is outside the country, the change of status will not be applied for.
  • It’s crucial not to enter the UAE while the eVisa is in progress; entry is only advisable once the eVisa is issued.
Required Documents for Visa Application
  • Trade Name: Provide three options for your trade name to ensure availability and compliance with UAE regulations.
  • Passport Copy: A clear, full-spread copy of the passport is required.
  • Passport Size Photo: A digital, high-resolution photo against a white background is needed.
  • Contact Details: Include the email address and mobile number of all shareholders.
  • Residence Address Proof: Acceptable from the UAE or your home country.
The Visa Procedure

To obtain visas under a Dubai Free Zone license, a structured procedure must be followed, comprising several key steps. First, the establishment card needs to be acquired, followed by the application for an entry permit or Evisa. If necessary, a change of status is then processed. Subsequently, applicants must undergo a medical test and submit the application, awaiting the results. For new UAE residents, an Emirates ID application and biometrics appointment are required. Upon approval of the residence visa, the Emirates ID card is released. This procedural approach ensures meticulous adherence to all legal and regulatory prerequisites, thereby facilitating a seamless integration of your team into the UAE.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Securing multiple visas in a Dubai Free Zone is a straightforward process, designed to support businesses in their growth and expansion efforts. Understanding the costs, requirements, and procedural steps involved allows companies to effectively plan their entry or expansion in the UAE. The initial visa allocations without the need for office space, combined with the option to scale up through flexi desk facilities, make Dubai Free Zones an attractive option for businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of international staffing and operations. With careful planning and adherence to the outlined requirements, achieving an affordable business setup in the UAE, complete with the necessary visa allocations for your team, is well within reach. At Choose UAE, we streamline this process, offering hassle-free and efficient services in business formation, residence visas, banking, and brand launch. Our 5-star ratings reflect our commitment to reliability and credibility, supporting companies in the UAE and globally to thrive, backed by a dedicated support team for each client’s entrepreneurial journey.

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