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Start an IT Company in Dubai for British Entrepreneurs

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For British techpreneurs dreaming of expanding their horizons, Dubai is the golden ticket. Known as the cradle of technological innovation in the Middle East, Dubai is not just a city, but a dynamic canvas for tech enthusiasts. It’s a place where digital infrastructure meets a supportive business environment and an energetic tech ecosystem, making it perfect to start an IT company in Dubai as a British expat. Moreover, Dubai has earmarked $1 billion to aid tech start-ups amid global sector volatility, as reported by The National News in March 2023.

Advantages: IT Company in Dubai for British Entrepreneurs

A Tech Haven

Dubai is renowned for its progressive approach to technology. As part of its smart city initiatives and commitment to advancement, it continually seeks ways to integrate technology into daily life and business operations. This tech-forward ethos makes Dubai an attractive destination for British IT entrepreneurs.

Supportive Government Initiatives

The government of Dubai isn’t just a spectator but a proactive supporter of the IT industry. They have rolled out numerous initiatives designed to fuel the growth of IT businesses. Standout amongst these is the Dubai Internet City, a dedicated free zone that acts as a tech magnet. Offering benefits like 100% foreign ownership, an initial period of zero corporate tax, and comprehensive assistance with licensing and registration, it simplifies the journey for British IT companies planning to set up in Dubai.



Tapping into a Skilled Workforce

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and talents, attracting skilled IT professionals from around the globe. This vibrant, multicultural workforce brings a wealth of skills and experiences to the table, equipping British IT companies with the human resource firepower they need to thrive.

Endless Business Opportunities

Dubai’s appetite for IT services is voracious and spans across various sectors such as finance, healthcare, and retail. Whether it’s IT infrastructure services, software development, cybersecurity solutions, or digital transformation consultancy that you offer, Dubai has a myriad of business opportunities waiting to be explored by British IT entrepreneurs.

Establish: IT Company in Dubai for British Entrepreneurs

1. Crafting Your Business Plan: The Blueprint to Success

2. Deciding on the Legal Structure and Trade Name: Building the Foundation of Your Business

3. Obtaining Initial Approval: A Crucial Step towards Official Recognition

4. Selecting Your Business Location: Positioning for Optimal Success

5. Securing Your Business License: The Official Green Light to Operate

6. Opening a Corporate Bank Account: Managing Your Business Finances Effectively

7. Visa Processing: Ensuring Legal Compliance for You and Your Team

By following these steps, British entrepreneurs can navigate the complexities of setting up an IT company in Dubai. While the process might seem daunting, remember that the city’s business-friendly policies and proactive government support make it easier than it might initially appear.


In a nutshell, Dubai is not just a city, but a world of opportunities for British entrepreneurs planning to set up their IT ventures. Its tech-driven culture, encouraging government initiatives, rich talent pool, and a plethora of business opportunities make Dubai a fertile ground for your IT company. Whether you’re a fledgling startup in search of a supportive ecosystem or a seasoned business aiming for new heights, Dubai is ready to welcome you with open arms and endless possibilities.

How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE is here to simplify the process of setting up your IT company in Dubai. We offer expert guidance, streamlined licensing and approvals, assistance in selecting the right business location, and support with visas and immigration. With our help, you can navigate the complexities and take advantage of the opportunities Dubai has to offer for British techpreneurs. Contact us today to get started on your IT venture in Dubai.

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