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Trademark Registration in Dubai Cost

trademark registration in dubai cost

Dubai, renowned for its dynamic markets and robust business ecosystem, is an ideal location for brands aiming to cement a significant presence in the Middle East. Protecting your brand’s identity and legal rights in this vibrant city necessitates trademark registration. Although the process is direct for the well-prepared, it encompasses various essential steps and related costs of which businesses must be cognizant. This blog by Choose UAE delves into the intricacies of trademark registration in Dubai cost implications and outlines the necessary requirements to facilitate a seamless application journey.

Trademark Registration in Dubai Cost

Understanding Trademark Registration Costs in Dubai

The cost of trademark registration in Dubai is subject to various factors and primarily depends on the application proceeding smoothly to registration without any objections. Here’s what businesses need to know about the cost structure:

  • Initial Application Fee: This fee is paid at the time of submitting your trademark application and covers the cost of examining your application against existing trademarks and the official registration process.
  • Publication Fee: Once your trademark passes the examination phase, it will be published in the UAE Trademark Journal. This publication fee is essential for making your trademark application public, allowing any third party to file an objection within a specified period.
  • Registration Fee: Following the publication and objection period, a final registration fee is required to officially register your trademark and issue the certificate of registration.

It’s important to note that these costs are estimates based on the application proceeding without any objections. If the Trademark Office or a third party raises any objections, additional official and professional fees will be incurred. The exact amount will depend on the nature of the objection and the complexity of resolving the issue.



Single Filing System in the UAE

The UAE adopts a single filing system for trademark registration, meaning a separate application is required for each class of goods or services your trademark will cover. This is crucial for businesses offering a range of products or services across different categories, as each class requires its own application, examination, and associated fees.

Key Requirements for Trademark Registration

To ensure a streamlined trademark registration process in Dubai, businesses must prepare and submit the following documents:

  • Notarized Power of Attorney: This legal document authorizes a representative to file the trademark application on behalf of the company. It must be notarized to be considered valid.
  • Company License: A copy of your company’s license is required to prove the legal existence and operation of your business in Dubai.
  • Copy of the Emirates ID of the Authorized Signature: This identifies the individual authorized to sign on behalf of the company, ensuring the application is legitimately submitted.
  • Logo in JPEG Format: The visual representation of your trademark, including any logos or designs, must be submitted in JPEG format. This will be used to examine the uniqueness and eligibility of your trademark for registration.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we understand the importance of trademark registration in Dubai for businesses aiming to safeguard their brand and excel in the competitive market. Our expertise simplifies the process, addressing the specific costs and requirements involved. We guide our clients through every step, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed, which is crucial for a smooth trademark registration journey. Recognizing the need for meticulous budgeting and the implications of the UAE’s single filing system, we offer strategic advice for registering trademarks across various classes effectively. With Choose UAE, businesses can navigate the trademark registration process with ease, benefiting from our professional guidance to secure this vital asset for their brand’s protection and future growth. Contact us.

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