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What is General Trading License in Dubai

what is general trading license in dubai

As one of the world’s premier trade centres, Dubai provides an abundance of business prospects for local and international investors. Among these potential avenues, the general trading license stands out as an especially popular choice. But what is general trading license in Dubai, and why is it so highly favoured? This blog post serves to elucidate these important queries.

What is General Trading License in Dubai

Deciphering the General Trading License in Dubai

In the dynamic trade environment of Dubai, a general trading license is a specific type of business permit that allows companies to trade a broad variety of goods and commodities, across domestic and international markets. Essentially, with a general trading license, a business can manage an expansive range of products under a single license, instead of obtaining individual licenses for each product category. However, it’s crucial to remember that certain items, including alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and narcotics, are excluded from this license and necessitate special permissions.

The Attraction of a General Trading License

The primary allure of a general trading license is its versatility. Entities possessing a general trading license can import, export, distribute, and store nearly all types of goods, adhering to Dubai’s trade regulations. It offers a convenient platform for businesses seeking to diversify their offerings without the burden of procuring multiple licenses.

The Pathway to Acquiring a General Trading License in Dubai

The process to secure a general trading license in Dubai is fairly direct. The journey begins with identifying a local sponsor for a mainland business setup or selecting a free zone for establishing the business. After deciding, the next steps involve reserving a trade name and submitting required documents for preliminary approval. Post-approval, you’ll need to draft and sign a Memorandum of Association (MoA) with the local sponsor (for a mainland company) or the authorities of the selected free zone.

Once these steps are successfully completed, you must rent a physical office space as per the mandate of the authorities and have the tenancy contract attested. Finally, submitting all the documents, paying the appropriate fee, and receiving your general trading license completes the process.



How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we specialize in assisting businesses with acquiring a general trading license in Dubai. Our experienced team can guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the right local sponsor or free zone to reserving a trade name and obtaining the necessary approvals. With our expertise and personalized assistance, we make the process of obtaining a general trading license smooth and hassle-free. Contact Choose UAE today!

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