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What is Partnership Visa in UAE

what is partnership visa in uae

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a conducive environment for entrepreneurs worldwide, with its innovative Free Zones and investor-friendly policies. At the heart of these policies is the Partnership Visa, commonly known as the Partner Visa or Investor Visa, a crucial tool for international investors looking to tap into the UAE’s dynamic market. This visa not only facilitates the entry and residence of business investors in the UAE but also paves the way for company setup in various Free Zones across the country. In this blog, Choose UAE explores what is Partnership Visa in UAE, its integration with company setup, and the myriad advantages of establishing a company in a UAE Free Zone.

What is Partnership Visa in UAE

Partnership Visa: The Key to Business Establishment in the UAE

The Partnership Visa, or Investor Visa, is designed for individuals who invest in or establish companies within the UAE. It grants investors the legal right to reside in the UAE while they manage their business. Obtaining a Partnership Visa is intrinsically linked to the process of setting up a company, especially in the Free Zones, which offer a streamlined pathway to both company formation and visa acquisition.

Company Setup in UAE Free Zones: A Strategic Advantage

Setting up a company in one of the UAE’s Free Zones comes with an array of benefits that cater to the needs of global investors and entrepreneurs:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership: Free Zones allow foreign investors to fully own their companies without the need for a local partner.
  • Trade Name Registration: Investors have the flexibility to choose from three trade name options, ensuring their brand’s identity is preserved.
  • Multiple Shareholders and Activities: Free Zone companies can accommodate multiple shareholders and engage in various business activities under one license.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: The setup process includes obtaining a Business Activity Certificate, Certificate of Formation, Memorandum of Association, and Lease Agreement, among others.



Seamless Immigration and Visa Process

The process for obtaining a Partnership Visa involves several steps, each designed to ensure compliance with UAE regulations while facilitating the smooth establishment and operation of businesses:

  • Company Immigration Registration Process: Initiates the visa process, aligning your business with immigration services.
  • Change of Status and Entry Permit/E-Visa: These steps legalize the investor’s status in the UAE, allowing for entry and stay.
  • Medical Test and Emirates ID: Essential health screening and identification procedures for residing in the UAE.
  • Residence Visa: The final step that grants the investor the right to live in the UAE as a business owner.
Investment Requirements

Investors should be aware of the financial commitments associated with the Partnership Visa:

  • Share Capital: A minimum share capital of AED 50k per shareholder is required, with proof of a bank statement for investments exceeding AED 100k.
  • Documentation: Necessary documents include passport copies, digital passport-size photos, contact details, and proof of residence, among others. Specific requirements, such as the source of funds and proof of address, may vary based on the investor’s activity and nationality.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we specialize in simplifying the journey for international entrepreneurs and investors aiming to capitalize on the UAE’s dynamic market. With our comprehensive suite of services, including streamlined business formation, residence visas, banking solutions, and effective brand launch strategies, we ensure a smooth transition into the UAE’s business ecosystem. Our 5-star ratings stand as a testament to our reliability and the high-quality support we provide, making us a trusted partner for companies looking to establish and grow in the UAE. Leveraging the Partnership Visa becomes effortless with Choose UAE, as our dedicated support team guides you through every step, ensuring your business venture in the UAE starts on solid ground. Get started with your entrepreneurial journey in the UAE with Choose UAE today.

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