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Barcode Registration in UAE

barcode registration in uae

The ubiquity of barcodes in modern commerce is inescapable. Whether it’s on a box of cereal, a novel, or an electronic gadget, barcodes have streamlined the process of product identification, tracking, and inventory management, proving indispensable in the retail sector. If you’re operating a business in the UAE and plan to sell products locally or internationally, understanding how to register a barcode is pivotal. This blog by Choose UAE will guide you through the essentials of barcode registration in the UAE.

Barcode Registration in UAE

Why Register a Barcode?

Barcodes, represented as a series of vertical lines of varying widths and corresponding numbers, serve as a universal language in the business world. These unique identifiers help track products through supply chains, simplifying logistics and ensuring accurate inventory management. They provide businesses with a global standard of identification, making transactions smoother and more efficient.

Process of Barcode Registration in UAE

Step 1: Identify the appropriate Barcode Standard

The initial stage involves choosing between the two predominant types of barcode standards: EAN and UPC. While EAN is usually employed in Europe and is globally accepted, UPC finds more usage in North America. However, businesses in the UAE typically favor the EAN barcode system.

Step 2: Apply for Barcode through an authorized body

Once you’ve identified the appropriate barcode standard, the next step is to apply for a barcode through GS1, an internationally recognized body that assigns and manages barcodes. In the UAE, GS1 has partnered with Dubai Chamber to form ‘GS1 UAE,’ serving as the authorized entity for barcode registration.

Step 3: Submit required documents

When applying for a barcode, you’ll need to submit a set of documents, including a trade license copy, filled application form, and fee payment proof. Once GS1 UAE verifies your documents, you’ll be assigned a unique Company Prefix Number, which forms the initial part of your barcode.

Step 4: Generate your Barcode

Once your Company Prefix Number is in hand, you can generate individual barcodes for each of your products. Bear in mind that every product variant, be it color, size, or any other distinguishing feature, necessitates a unique barcode.

How Can We Help

Navigating through the process of barcode registration can be daunting, especially when your focus should be on building and scaling your business. We at Choose UAE, offer comprehensive support to businesses looking to register their barcodes in the UAE. Our expert consultants will guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process, leaving you to concentrate on what matters most – your business growth. To get started on your barcode registration journey in the UAE, reach out to us today.



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