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Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai UAE

cosmetic product registration dubai

In the beauty and personal care industry, Dubai’s market is growing rapidly. With the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, residents and visitors alike demand a diverse array of cosmetic products, making it a highly lucrative market for beauty brands. However, if you are a cosmetic company planning to launch your products in Dubai, it’s important to understand the legal landscape and the registration process for your products. In this blog post, Choose UAE provides you with a comprehensive guide on cosmetic product registration in Dubai.

Overview of Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai UAE

Dubai falls under the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the regulatory authority overseeing the sale and distribution of cosmetics is the Dubai Municipality through its Consumer Products Safety Section. The regulatory guidelines comply with the UAE’s federal law, primarily concerned with ensuring product safety and protecting consumer rights.

Pre-Requisites for Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

Before registering your cosmetic products in Dubai, you need to fulfill several conditions:

Trade License: To venture into the world of cosmetic product importation and registration in the ever-evolving and dynamic Dubai market, firms must hold a legitimate Trade License. 

Product Ingredients Compliance: All cosmetic ingredients must adhere to UAE’s regulations, which draw from international standards. Your products should neither contain banned substances nor exceed the permissible limits for restricted substances.

Labeling and Packaging: The UAE has specific labeling requirements that your products must meet. Critical information, including ingredients, expiry date, and manufacturer details, should be clearly stated in both Arabic and English.

The Cosmetic Product Registration Process

The Dubai Municipality uses an online system, ‘Montaji,’ for product registration.

Initiating the cosmetic product registration process in Dubai requires you to first establish your company’s presence on the Montaji system. This comprehensive platform is integral to the process and provides a streamlined and transparent channel for your product registration needs. Once your company is duly registered with Montaji, the subsequent step involves the submission of a collection of pertinent documents. 

✓ A trade license copy

✓ The product label

✓ A list of ingredients (should mention the chemical and common names along with the percentage of the ingredients)

✓ Product samples

✓ A copy of the purchase invoice

✓ Testing reports

✓ The country of origin, brand name, and manufacturing company details

✓ Any other documents requested by the Dubai Municipality.

Upon the successful submission of your comprehensive set of documents, the process then moves into its monetary phase, necessitating the payment of the registration fees. This financial requirement acts as the completion step of your submission, signifying your company’s commitment to proceeding with the registration process.



Once the Dubai Municipality acknowledges the receipt of your payment, they embark on a thorough verification of your documents. This involves a meticulous review to ascertain the completeness, accuracy, and compliance of your submission with all regulatory requirements.

The verification process is crucial and may take some time. However, should your product fulfill all conditions stipulated by the authorities, the Dubai Municipality will then issue a Product Registration Certificate. This certificate serves as a testament to your product’s compliance with local standards, and it legally permits you to distribute and sell your cosmetic product in the vibrant and lucrative market of Dubai.

Conforming to local laws doesn’t only shield your business from potential legal hiccups, but it also fosters trust among consumers regarding your product’s safety and excellence. This is vital in building up your brand’s repute and authenticity in the market.

How Can Choose UAE Help

The path towards cosmetic product registration in Dubai, while rewarding, can appear complex and intimidating. This is where Choose UAE steps in to facilitate your journey. With a firm grasp on the regulatory landscape and an intimate understanding of the local market, we offer comprehensive assistance and support throughout your product registration process.

Our experienced team is well-versed in every step of the process, right from registering your company with the Montaji system, to the final receipt of the Product Registration Certificate. We can help you compile the necessary documents and ensure they are in accordance with UAE’s regulatory standards. Our familiarity with the common names and chemical compositions of cosmetic ingredients, as well as the standards for labeling and packaging, can help prevent any oversights that might delay the process. Contact us today!

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