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Digital Marketing Agency License: Comprehensive Steps and Costs


digital marketing agency license

Are you considering setting up a digital marketing agency in UAE? If so, one of the most critical steps you’ll need to do is acquiring a digital marketing agency license to be able to properly conduct consultancy activity in the UAE. Also, digital marketing has become a key component of modern-day industries, several startup and big companies from all over the world are making a fairly sizable investments in digital marketing plans and strategies in order to achieve their marketing goals and reach their respective target audience.

One of the numerous factors making UAE an ideal location to setup a digital marketing agency is the countries reputation as a prime hub for businesses. It offers a perfect environment for entrepreneurs looking to start their digital marketing agency as UAE’s diverse population provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to target different market segments. The UAE’s diverse population gives entrepreneurs a great chance to reach out to different types of client. The country has a lot of different cultures, languages, and religions.

Launching a digital marketing agency in UAE has the potential to be one of the most productive and economically rewarding ventures you will ever do. Let’s discuss how you can get started.


Obtaining a digital marketing agency license

Starting a digital marketing agency is best done in a UAE free zone. To set up a free zone business in the UAE, follow these steps:


Step 1: Select a business activity and legal structure

It is crucial to carefully choose the type of business and the specific free zone where the investor plans to operate. This is because different free zones have varying requirements that must be met to establish and operate a business

Step 2: Select a company name

Company names must be original and not violate trademarks or intellectual property. It must also follow the company’s registration jurisdiction’s name standards.

Step 3: Obtain a trade license 

After finalizing and registering the chosen business name with the relevant authority, the next step is to apply for a trade license, which can be daunting without an expert’s guidance. Choose UAE can guide you in deciding which jurisdiction is best for your business needs and walk you through the entire licensing process.

Step 4: Get approval from authorities 

Obtaining approvals from various authorities is needed. Once all necessary approvals have been obtained, the business can be initiated.

Step 5: Obtain visas

Once the trade license is issued, visa issuance will be available for processing if required.




Cost of digital marketing agency license

The cost of a license can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of license required, the specific free zone, and the nature of the business activity. It is advisable to seek guidance from knowledgeable business formation experts like Choose UAE to help you make informed decisions in starting your digital marketing agency.

Alternatively, you can use our cost calculator to determine your business’s formation cost.




Entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the tax-haven environment, strategic location, diverse talented individuals, and 100% foreign ownership can do well to open a digital marketing agency in a UAE free zone. If you’re considering on setting up a digital marketing agency in UAE, obtaining a license should be a top priority.


How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE’s business formation experts can guide you throughout the whole process of setting up your digital marketing agency; we make sure to make it as easy and stress-free for you as possible with our swift A-Z documentation and processing. Take the first step of establishing your digital marketing agency by contacting us.


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