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How to Register a Brand Name in the UAE

how to register a brand name in uae

Protecting your brand’s identity in today’s intensely competitive business landscape is as essential as carving out that identity. Your brand name is more than a tag for your offerings—it’s the manifestation of your enterprise’s image and reputation in the marketplace. Therefore, it’s critical to register and secure your brand name from potential violations. If you’re wondering, “How to register a brand name in the UAE?”, you’ve come to the right place. This blog aims to walk you through the process of brand name registration in the UAE.

How to Register a Brand Name in the UAE

Choosing Your Brand Name

Begin by picking a unique and distinctive brand name, ideally mirroring your business’s ethos and offerings, while resonating with your intended audience. Remember, your brand name must comply with the UAE’s brand name registration norms, which typically forbid the use of disrespectful language, religious symbols, or misleading names.

Conducting a Trademark Search

After selecting a brand name, undertake a comprehensive trademark search. This process ensures that the name you’ve chosen isn’t already registered or applied for by another entity in the UAE. You can conduct this search via the UAE Ministry of Economy’s website. In case the chosen brand name is already registered or bears too much resemblance to an existing brand name, you’ll need to opt for a different name to avert legal issues.

Applying for a Trademark

If your chosen brand name proves unique, proceed to apply for a trademark registration at the UAE Ministry of Economy. You’ll have to fill out an application form, providing several supporting documents like your trade license copy, passport copies of the brand owner(s), and a sample of your brand design if applicable. The application also needs to detail the goods or services that the brand will represent, sorted according to the International Classification of Goods and Services.

Trademark Review

On receiving your application, the UAE Ministry of Economy evaluates your trademark, ensuring it aligns with the UAE’s trademark laws. If successful, your trademark gets the green light for publication.

Finalizing the Trademark Registration

If no objections arise during the 30-day opposition window, or if you successfully address any opposition, the Ministry of Economy issues a trademark registration certificate. This certificate implies that your brand name is officially registered and safeguarded under UAE law for a period of ten years, post which you can renew it.

How Can Choose UAE Help

At Choose UAE, we understand the importance of brand identity and the complexities involved in registering a brand name. Our team of experts is ready to assist you throughout the process, from conducting the initial trademark search to preparing the application and responding to any potential objections. With our support, you can navigate the brand name registration process smoothly and secure your brand name successfully, letting you focus on your core business operations. Contact us.



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