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Setting Up A Consultancy Business in Dubai: Mainland vs Free Zone


setting up a consultancy business in dubai

Many international entrepreneurs and investors flock to Dubai because of its reputation as a global business hub. Thanks to its strategic location, top-notch infrastructure, and welcoming business environment, setting up a consultancy business in Dubai can be a profitable venture. 

Businesses need to keep up with new trends and changes, various sectors are seeking professional guidance to enhance their business performance such as information technology, architecture and engineering, banking and finance, healthcare, legal services, tax advisory, food and beverages, accounting, and bookkeeping.

The consultancy industry is a thriving sector, with a global market estimated to be worth USD 250 billion. Over the years, this market has grown a lot, and the Middle East region is no different. Consultancy business is a booming business worldwide with the management consultancy market in the GCC worth an estimated $2.8 billion.

Setting Up A Consultancy Business in Dubai

If you’re considering setting up a consultancy business, you may be wondering if you need a degree or any specific qualifications to get started. The answer depends on the type of consultancy you plan to offer. Contact Choose UAE to learn more about your consultancy business in mind.


Setting Up A Consultancy Business in  Dubai Mainland

There are various reasons why having an office in Dubai mainland, rather than a free zone or offshore, might benefit your business. For instance, clients seeking professional guidance from agencies find it simpler to approach them at a more accessible place, but legal advising firms may preserve client privacy. These are just a few of the benefits of basing your company on the mainland.

Setting Up A Consultancy Business in Dubai Free Zone

Because of the simplified application process, obtaining a consultancy license in a Dubai Free Zone is the most efficient option, but it also has numerous benefits. One of the main benefits of setting up a business in a free zone is that you don’t have to have a minimum amount of paid-up shares. This makes it easier to get your new business off the ground.

A free zone allows you to start a business without being in the UAE. Businesses may operate remotely without moving to the UAE. This flexibility might benefit enterprises wanting to enter the UAE market but still need to be ready to move there.



Setting Up A Consultancy Business in Dubai Cost

The total cost of setting up a consultancy business in dubai comprises various elements, including securing your business license, sorting out visa costs, and registering your company name. However, it depends on many things, such as where you are and whether you are in the Mainland or a free zone.




Consultancy business is thriving in Dubai and the UAE. If you want to start your own consulting business, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure it does well. Getting the authorizations and licenses you need to run your business legally is one of the first and most important steps.

Getting authorizations and licenses can be a complicated process, but with the right help and direction, it can go smoothly and quickly. Working with Choose UAE, an expert on business formation, we’ll take care of all of the procedures from A-Z and secure a license for your business.


How Can Choose UAE Help

Choose UAE’s business formation experts can guide you throughout the whole process of setting up a consultancy business in dubai; we make sure to make it as easy for you as possible with our end-to-end services and swift A-Z documentation and processing. Take the first step of consultancy business by contacting us.


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