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To Found a Company in the UAE

to found a company

For those itching with an entrepreneurial spirit, the UAE stands out as a thriving business hub. It’s not just the glittering skyline of Dubai or the richness of Abu Dhabi’s history that draws entrepreneurs; it’s the country’s innovative approach to business. But to truly realize your business dreams in this desert gem, understanding the procedure to found a company is crucial. And at the heart of this journey lies the all-important trade license.

To Found a Company in the UAE

Types of Trade Licenses in the UAE

The UAE is discerning when it comes to business, and rightly so. There are primarily three types of trade licenses:

Commercial License: This is the license you’ll want if you’re planning to engage in any buying or selling activity. Whether it’s retailing goods or wholesale, importing and exporting, or any other form of commerce, the commercial license ensures you’re recognized and operating legally within the realm of trade. It’s the foundation stone for merchants and traders eyeing the bustling markets of the UAE.

Professional License: The UAE recognizes the importance of individual talents, skills, and the crafts they produce. A professional license is the path forward for service providers, consultants, artists, and other professionals. Whether you’re an architect drawing the skyline, a designer creating magic on fabric, or a consultant guiding businesses, this license ensures your talents get the legal recognition they deserve in the UAE’s vibrant ecosystem.



Industrial License: Manufacturing and industrial activities are the backbone of any strong economy, and the UAE is no exception. If you’re planning to convert raw materials into finished products or wish to indulge in any related activities, the industrial license is your gateway. This not only assures your operations remain in line with the country’s industrial standards but also opens up doors for export opportunities and connections with the global market.

Choosing the right license is foundational. It determines your business activities, your growth trajectory, and how you interface with both local and international markets.

Navigating the Licensing Process
  1. Define Your Business Activity
  2. Pick a Jurisdiction
  3. Document Submission
  4. Awaiting Approval

How Can Choose UAE Help

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